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    Color Correction for Maya/Arnold 2022 - dull renders when imported into Photoshop/After Effects

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    Color Correction for Maya/Arnold 2022 - Dull Renders when Imported into Photoshop/After Effects

    When rendering in Arnold in Maya 2022, it's common to experience a discrepancy in colors when the image is brought into Photoshop or After Effects. The colors appear bright, colorful, and saturated in Maya's render view, but become unsaturated and dull when imported into editing software. This can be frustrating, but there is a simple fix for this issue.

    To address the color discrepancy, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Windows > Preferences > Preferences and navigate to the Color Management section.
    2. Switch the color management setting to Rec 709 to correct the color output.
    3. Additionally, if needed, reset the OCIO config path by clicking on the down arrow and selecting "Reset to Legacy."

    By making these adjustments, the rendered images in Maya will match the colors displayed in Photoshop or After Effects, providing a more accurate representation of your work.


    Maya, Arnold, rendering, color correction, Photoshop, After Effects, color management, saturation, dull colors, fixing color discrepancies, OCIO config path.


    1. Why do colors appear differently when rendering in Maya/Arnold compared to Photoshop or After Effects?

      • This discrepancy is commonly due to color management settings. Adjusting the settings to Rec 709 can correct the color output.
    2. How can I ensure that my rendered images maintain their brightness and saturation when imported into editing software?

      • By resetting the OCIO config path or changing the color management settings in Maya preferences, you can align the colors of your rendered images with the desired output in Photoshop and After Effects.

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