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    Color Grading Log Footage On Filmora 12

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    Color Grading Log Footage On Filmora 12

    Hello everyone, welcome to another new video where I will show you how to color grade log footage on Filmora 12 firmware. Let's dive in without any delays.

    As you can see, I have added a log footage to the timeline. The first step is to mute the background sound and proceed with color correction. Select the video, go to the "Color" tab, and start by adjusting the white balance using the color dropper tool. Increase Vibrance and Saturation for a more vibrant look. Moving on to the light section, adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, white, and black levels according to your preference.

    In the HSL section, enhance the saturation and luminance of specific colors like green. Utilize the Curves section to fine-tune the overall curve, along with adjustments for green, blue, and red channels. Next, use the Color Wheels to enhance specific color ranges in shadows and highlights. To add a LUT for a better preview, go to the Basic tab, and select a LUT. Fine-tune the light strength value for optimal results. To make the video more cinematic, apply the Cinema 21 by 9 ratio effect from the Effects section.

    After completing the color grading process, you can add background music for a better preview. Explore different audio options, select a suitable music track, and add it to the timeline. Once everything is set, preview the final result to see the transformation from the original log footage. Remember to adjust settings as needed to achieve the desired cinematic look. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for watching!

    Keywords: Color Grading, Log Footage, Filmora 12, White Balance, Saturation, LUT, Cinematic Look, Color Correction, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights


    1. What is log footage, and why is color grading essential for it? Log footage is a type of video recording that captures a wider dynamic range, requiring color grading to correct and enhance the colors for a more visually appealing result.

    2. How can I adjust specific color ranges and enhance them during color grading? Utilize tools like the Color Wheels to target and modify specific color ranges in shadows and highlights to achieve a more balanced and vibrant look in your footage.

    3. Why is it essential to fine-tune parameters like exposure, brightness, and contrast during color grading? Adjusting parameters like exposure, brightness, and contrast helps in improving the overall tonal range and visual appeal of the video, enhancing its cinematic quality.

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