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    Color Grading with FreeLab - How to use X01s to give your footage a look

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    Color Grading with FreeLab - How to use X01s to give your footage a look

    In the tutorial, renowned colorist Aaron Rabinowitz demonstrates how FreeLab, a tool from Color Lab AI, can be used for advanced color grading in video footage. While LUTs are often specific to camera types and may not translate well across different footage, X01 presets in FreeLab offer a more consistent and customizable approach to achieving creative film looks. Rabinowitz showcases how applying X01 presets in FreeLab can transform the color and style of footage, ensuring a cohesive visual aesthetic, regardless of the camera used.


    color grading, FreeLab, X01 presets, LUTs, creative film looks, video footage, Color Lab AI, consistency, visual aesthetic, camera types


    1. What is FreeLab, and how does it differ from traditional LUTs?
    2. How do X01 presets in FreeLab enhance the color grading process for video footage?
    3. Can X01 presets in FreeLab be customized to achieve specific creative film looks?
    4. How does FreeLab ensure a consistent visual aesthetic across footage from different cameras?
    5. Where can one access X01 presets and learn more about using FreeLab for color grading purposes?

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