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    So I'm about to convert a 500gb MKV file into mp4 in under 10 seconds hi guys my name is Alton you're watching behind the scenes where I talk about video editing tutorials walk knows and hacks just like this one if you're into video editing then you must have come across this hugely popular file format called MKV as good as the format is the biggest problem of mkv files are that it cannot be imported in Premiere Pro da Vinci is all Sony Vegas or Final Cut so today we're going to try and solve that problem once and for all what I'm about to show you guys if the fastest way to convert MKV files into mp4 and when I say fast I mean fast the software that does this magic is called X media recode it's a software that was developed by sebastian dr. yes it's a free software and i have included the link in the description so go ahead and download it so the way it works is you drag the desired file into the software click on the file to load up all the options from there make sure that the format is set to mp4 output screen is set to video and audio audio/video sync is stick choose the folder where you want the output to be saved as you can see I've just saved it in the same folder that I track the original file from from the X icon the video settings tab and this is where all the magic happens all you need to do is go to the modes where you see it's currently set to convert just change that to copy now do the same in the audio settings change from from board to copy and that's it we are now ready to control just in the add to queue button once on the top and then hit the encode punch as you can see it starts to converting process and within seconds you have your conversion ready now let's import this mp4 file into Premiere Pro just to make sure that it works and there you have it a new TV file converted into and before within seconds hopefully this was helpful to you guys share this video with someone who's having trouble with MKV format and don't forget to like the video comment down below how you guys promote your footages and subscribe to the channel for more such tips I'm Martha and I'll see you guys in the next one [Music]


    • MKV to MP4 conversion
    • Fast file conversion
    • X Media Recode software
    • Video editing tips
    • Premiere Pro compatibility


    • How fast is the MKV to MP4 conversion using X Media Recode?
    • Is X Media Recode a free software?
    • Which video editing software can the converted MP4 files be imported into?
    • What settings need to be adjusted in X Media Recode for a successful conversion?
    • Can the converted MP4 files be tested in Premiere Pro to ensure compatibility?

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