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    Create AI Avatar Talking Videos

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    Create AI Avatar Talking Videos

    Have you ever come across AI-generated talking videos on platforms like Instagram that quickly gain immense popularity? In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating engaging AI avatar talking videos that captivate audiences. By following the steps outlined below, you can produce compelling content that garners attention and drives engagement.

    Step 1: Generating Character

    Utilize tools like Blue Willow or Mid-Journey to create an avatar for your video. Select a prompt, customize your avatar, and proceed to the next step.

    Step 2: Generating Script

    Harness the power of ChatGPT to generate engaging scripts for your videos. Ask for advice, quotes, or any other content that resonates with your audience. Copy the generated script for the next step.

    Step 3: Generating Audio

    Visit platforms like 11labs to convert your script into audio using AI voices. Choose a voice that aligns with your video's theme and download the audio file.

    Step 4: Generate Video from Image

    Sign up on a website that facilitates video creation from avatars. Upload your avatar and audio file, then generate the video. Download the final output and witness your AI avatar come to life.

    Step 5: Generate Subtitles

    Employ video editing tools like CapCut to add subtitles to your video. Import the video, create auto captions, customize fonts and colors, and export the final video in high resolution.


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    1. How can I create AI avatar talking videos?
    • Follow the steps outlined in this article, which include generating a character, script, audio, and subtitles to create engaging AI avatar videos.
    1. Which tools can be used for avatar and script generation?
    • Tools like Blue Willow, Mid-Journey, and ChatGPT are recommended for avatar and script generation in AI videos.
    1. Where can I find AI voices for audio generation?
    • Platforms like 11labs offer a variety of AI voices for converting scripts into audio files for your videos.
    1. What video editing tools are suitable for subtitle generation?
    • Video editors like CapCut are useful for adding subtitles, customizing fonts, and enhancing the visual appeal of AI avatar talking videos.

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