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    Create Amazing Facebook Ads in Just 1 Minute: Free Ai Tools for Facebook Ads

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    Create Amazing Facebook Ads in Just 1 Minute: Free Ai Tools for Facebook Ads

    Hey everyone, welcome back to Now You Know. Today, I have a short video about a cool chat GPT I created for those who work with Facebook ads or posts. This tool can help you create a high-quality ad or post in about a minute. Let me walk you through how to use it.

    If you'd like to try the tool, simply click the link in the description and have a pro account for OpenAI, which costs $ 20 a month. Once you click the link, you can start by typing "hi" or "hello." The tool will then ask if you want to create a Facebook ad or post. Let's say we choose an ad. Next, you'll need to provide the page URL that you want to use for the ad or post. The tool will then scrape the data for you. It will generate a headline, body, key benefits, call to action, pricing, packages, testimonials, and ask for an image. You can choose to use a 3D render, photo, illustration, or any other option you prefer. The tool will provide you with an image, which you can modify if needed. Once you're happy with the result, you can download it as a PNG and further edit it in image software. And just like that, you have a ready-to-use Facebook ad.

    The tool is a fantastic time-saver for creating engaging Facebook ads or posts without the need for design skills. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!


    Facebook ads, AI tool, OpenAI, ad creation, Facebook posts, image editing, marketing, time-saving, design skills


    1. Is the AI tool free to use?
    2. Can the generated ads be customized further?
    3. How easy is it to download and use the ads created by the tool?
    4. Does the tool provide options for different types of images for the ads?

    One more thing

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