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    Create An AI Song and Music Video That's Actually Good

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    Create An AI Song and Music Video That's Actually Good

    In a recent video, the creator showcased a frog cyborg music video that caught a lot of attention and sparked curiosity among viewers. As a result, the creator decided to make a tutorial on the entire process of creating such a video. The video was produced using four free AI tools, but there are other tools that can be incorporated into the process as well. The tutorial aims to provide a comparison of different tools and demonstrate the options available for creating unique music videos.

    The main tool used to create the songs in these videos is called Discord, which generates the music and vocals. However, a web version called "Discord Web" has been released, making it more user-friendly for beginners. The process involves specifying the genre and topic for the AI to generate lyrics. The AI then produces two options, and the creator can select the one that best fits their vision. The generated songs can be extended and modified with additional lyrics, such as a guitar solo. Various iterations can be rolled and generated until a satisfying song is created.

    To create the visual elements of the music video, the creator utilizes Playground AI and P Labs. Playground AI is used to generate images based on prompts provided by the creator, with different styles available to achieve the desired aesthetic. P Labs, on the other hand, is used to animate the images and add motion to the video. The new web version of P Labs, called P 1.0, offers improved quality and user experience, making the animation process smoother. Additionally, Runway ML and Kyber are mentioned as tools for further visual enhancements and transformation.

    The editing process varies depending on the software used, but the creator shares their experience in editing the videos. They encountered challenges, such as lip syncing for characters and integrating multiple band members. However, through trial and error, they found creative solutions to overcome these obstacles. They also demonstrate how they enhanced the audio quality using an open-source tool called Ultimate Vocal Remover. The final video is exported and, if desired, can be upscaled using CapCut's free 2x video upscaler.

    Overall, the tutorial provides an insightful and detailed overview of the step-by-step process for creating an AI-generated music video. The combination of free AI tools allows for the creation of unique and impressive visuals and soundscapes. It is an exciting way to explore the possibilities of AI in the creative realm.


    AI-generated music videos, Discord, P Labs, Playground AI, Runway ML, Kyber, video editing, lip syncing, visual enhancements, Ultimate Vocal Remover, CapCut, creative process


    Q: Can I use other AI tools to create music videos? A: Yes, there are several AI tools available for creating music videos. The tutorial mentions playground AI, P Labs, Runway ML, and Kyber as some of the tools to consider.

    Q: Are the AI-generated songs in these videos customizable? A: Yes, the AI allows you to specify the genre and topic for the songs it generates. You can guide the AI to create a song that fits your vision and make modifications, such as adding additional lyrics or instrumental elements.

    Q: Can I animate the visuals and add motion to the videos? A: Yes, P Labs and Runway ML offer animation capabilities for images and videos. You can add motion and create dynamic visuals to enhance the overall aesthetic of your music video.

    Q: Is there a specific software recommended for video editing? A: The tutorial mentions using Premiere Pro for video editing. However, the choice of software ultimately depends on personal preference and familiarity. There are various video editing tools available, both paid and free, that can be used to edit your music video.

    Q: How can I enhance the audio quality of my AI-generated music video? A: One approach is to use tools like Ultimate Vocal Remover, an open-source software that separates vocals from a song. By isolating the vocals, you can further enhance and customize the audio quality of your music video.

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