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    Create Explainer Video Animations in After Effects

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    Create Explainer Video Animations in After Effects

    This article is a step-by-step guide on how to create explainer video animations from scratch using After Effects. It covers everything from obtaining graphics to animating them, as well as adding titles and making the animation visually appealing.

    Step 1: Obtaining Graphics and Setting Up in After Effects

    The first step in creating explainer video animations is to obtain graphics for your video. One way to get free graphics is by visiting a website called, which offers millions of free files. Once you have downloaded the graphics, open them in Adobe Illustrator and separate them into their own layers. After that, copy the graphics and paste them into a new composition in After Effects.

    Step 2: Adding Titles and Customizing

    After setting up the graphics in After Effects, it's time to add titles to your video. Use the text tool to type out the titles and customize them by selecting a font and alignment. It is recommended to keep the titles clean and simple to ensure easy readability. Additionally, consider using brand colors to maintain consistency throughout the video.

    Step 3: Animation

    Now that everything is in place, it's time to animate the graphics and titles. Start by animating the graphics, such as buildings and clouds, to give them movement and make the video more engaging. One technique is to animate the graphics from the bottom up, using scale and position keyframes. For the titles, experiment with different animation effects like rotation, opacity, and position to add visual interest.


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    Q: Where can I find free graphics for my explainer videos? A: Websites like offer millions of free files that you can download and use in your videos.

    Q: Can I customize the titles in After Effects? A: Yes, you can use the text tool in After Effects to type out your titles and customize them by selecting the font, alignment, and color.

    Q: How do I animate the graphics and titles in After Effects? A: Use keyframes to animate the graphics and titles. Experiment with effects like scale, rotation, opacity, and position to create engaging animations.

    Q: Are there any tools or templates available to speed up the process of creating explainer videos? A: Yes, websites like VideoHive offer pre-made templates that you can use to save time and streamline the process of creating explainer videos in After Effects.

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