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    Create Talking AI Avatar Animation FREE (Text to AI Animated Video Generator)

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    Create Talking AI Avatar Animation FREE (Text to AI Animated Video Generator)

    To create a talking AI avatar animation for free, follow these steps using various online tools. First, create an AI character from a photo you upload using Playground AI. Next, use an AI text-to-voice generator like to record a script in a chosen voice. Finally, create the AI avatar animation using text-to-video generator by syncing the audio with the avatar. This process allows you to have an animated character present on video without physically filming a person. Below is a detailed guide on how to achieve this:

    1. Create an AI Character from a Photo:

      • Use Playground AI with the perfume filter for a realistic cartoon look.
      • Upload a photo and adjust the settings for image strength.
      • Download the generated image and remove the background if needed.
    2. Use an AI Text-to-Voice Generator to Record a Script:

      • Access and create a new project.
      • Choose an ultra-realistic voice, paste in your script, and generate the audio.
      • Download the voice file for later use in the avatar animation.
    3. Create the AI Avatar Animation with Text-to-Video:

      • Use to create a video and add the image created earlier.
      • Upload the audio file generated from and sync it with the avatar animation.
      • Generate the video, ensuring the avatar lip-syncs with the audio.

    By following these steps, you can have a talking AI avatar animation without the need for professional voice actors or complex video editing software.


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    1. Can I create a custom AI character for the animation?

      • Yes, you can upload a photo of yourself or any image to create a personalized AI character using Playground AI.
    2. Is the use of AI text-to-voice generators limited to specific voices?

      • No, you can choose from various ultra-realistic voices to suit the tone and style you prefer for your script.
    3. Are there any costs associated with creating AI avatar animations using these tools?

      • The process outlined in the article allows you to create a talking AI avatar animation for free, utilizing the resources available on websites like and

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