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    Create Talking Ai Avatar In Mobile | Bolne Wali Photo Ki Video Banaye #shortsfeed #aiavatar #shorts

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    Create Talking Ai Avatar In Mobile | Bolne Wali Photo Ki Video Banaye #shortsfeed #aiavatar #shorts

    First of all, look at this ID here, I have generated 450 followers in it, with the help of I, you too can make this video, speaking video. So let's know in today's video, Playground I, you have to open this website and from here you can download your image, which I also want to be of G type. Search here and download it. After that, in a second you have to open this website and here you have to login. First, it will ask you to log in. After you click on create video, like click on create, here you will get add option below, add the image you have downloaded here and copy a motivational quote here. Then copy it from here and see it here. There is a paste option there, you have to paste it and after pasting, you will get the generate option above, simply you have to generate it and from here it gives you 20 credits. You can get new credit by creating a new Gmail, then look from here. Simple, this will make your video ready, after that download it and see our video is absolutely ready. In this way, you can make it.


    • Talking Ai Avatar
    • Video creation
    • Image download
    • Motivational quote
    • Credit generation


    • Can I create a talking Ai avatar video on my mobile?
    • Do I need special skills to generate the credits for the video?
    • Is it necessary to download G-type images for the process?
    • How can I ensure my video is ready for use after creating it following these steps?

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