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    Create Videos With ChatGPT-4 + Visla = Free, Professional Videos Without Watermarks With ONE PROMPT!

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    Create Videos With ChatGPT-4 + Visla = Free, Professional Videos Without Watermarks With ONE PROMPT!

    Hello everybody, welcome back to another AI video. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create videos using ChatGPT4 and Visla plugin. With just one prompt, you can generate professional videos without watermarks easily. Let's dive in!

    First, start a new chat in ChatGPT4 and select the Visla plugin. Then input a prompt like "Create a video of a volcano erupting" and let the magic happen. The plugin will generate a video idea, video tone, description, tags, and more. You will get a link to the video, which you can further customize to your liking.

    The video generated may have watermarks, but fear not, you can remove them by saving the video to edit, pasting the claim code, and making changes like deleting the intro and adjusting audio. Finally, export the video with free stock footage and download it for your use. Voila, you now have a free, professional video ready for sharing or editing further.

    Let's get started on creating amazing videos effortlessly with ChatGPT4 and Visla plugin!


    • ChatGPT4
    • Visla Plugin
    • Video Creation
    • Professional Videos
    • Free Stock Footage


    1. Can I create professional videos for free using ChatGPT4 and Visla?

      • Yes, with just one prompt and the Visla plugin in ChatGPT4, you can generate free professional videos easily.
    2. How can I remove watermarks from the videos generated?

      • After generating the video, save it to edit, paste the claim code, delete the intro, adjust audio if needed, and export the video with free stock footage to remove watermarks.
    3. Can I customize the videos generated to my liking?

      • Absolutely, you can edit the videos by adding or removing scenes, adjusting audio, changing text, and more to tailor them to your preferences.

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