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    Create Whiteboard Animation Videos With AI | Hand Writing Animation Videos With Free Software

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    Create Whiteboard Animation Videos With AI | Hand Writing Animation Videos With Free Software

    If you've been intrigued by the captivating whiteboard animation videos on social media or YouTube, you may be surprised to learn that creating these videos is easier than you think. Not only are they visually appealing but they can also be monetized on platforms like YouTube, offering a source of passive income. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating whiteboard animations using a free software called Mango Animator.

    To start, open your browser and search for Mango Animator. This tool offers various features for animation creators, including whiteboard animation, character animation, text-based animation, and animated presentations. You can download the free version and explore its capabilities or opt for the pro version for additional features.

    Once you have installed Mango Animator, you will find a wide range of pre-built templates in different categories. You can start your project by selecting a blank page and choosing the aspect ratio based on your video's intended format. From there, you can add backgrounds, text, images, and sound effects to bring your animation to life.

    Create engaging stories, add voiceovers generated by AI tools like Jenny AI, and customize effects such as hand drawing or handwriting. With Mango Animator, you can easily edit your animations, add transitions between scenes, and export your video in different formats like MP4 or GIF.

    Whether you're looking to create educational videos, marketing content, or engaging presentations, Mango Animator provides all the tools you need to produce high-quality whiteboard animations. Start your animation journey today and unleash your creativity with this intuitive software.


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    1. Can whiteboard animations be monetized on platforms like YouTube? Yes, if you create high-quality whiteboard animations with narration, YouTube may monetize your channel, offering a source of passive income.

    2. What are some features available in Mango Animator for creating animations? Mango Animator offers pre-built templates, background options, text customization, image libraries, sound effects, and tools for adding effects like hand drawing or handwriting.

    3. Is it possible to generate voiceovers using AI tools like Jenny AI? Yes, you can use AI tools like Jenny AI to generate voiceovers for your whiteboard animations, adding a professional touch to your videos.

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