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    Create Your Own AI Animated Character (step by step)

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    Create Your Own AI Animated Character (Step by Step)

    Hey everyone, welcome back to the channel! In this article, I will guide you through the process of creating your very own AI animated character. Using a few simple tools, you'll be able to generate unique and realistic avatars with natural voices. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to use these avatars for customer service, employee onboarding, or even as news anchors or actors. Let your imagination run wild and let's get started!

    Step 1: Generating the Initial Image

    To create your avatar, the first thing you need to do is generate the initial image. You can use tools like Mid-Journey or any other text image generator of your choice. Simply use the prompt "/imagine" followed by a detailed description of your desired avatar. Experiment with different prompts until you find the perfect character. Once you've selected an image, upscale it to enhance its quality and save it to your computer.

    Step 2: Generating Avatar Variations

    To make your avatar more versatile, you can generate variations of the initial image. By using the same prompt with slight modifications, you can create avatars with different backgrounds or outfits. Upscale and save each variation, ensuring consistency with the initial image.

    Step 3: Removing Backgrounds and Adding Green Screens

    Now, remove the backgrounds from your avatar images using free online tools like Adobe's Background Removal or After removing the backgrounds, add in a green background to make it easier for further editing. Opt for a darker shade of green to prevent any bleeding through the final image.

    Step 4: Generating the Script

    Next, it's time to create a script for your avatar. You can either come up with your own script or employ AI tools like ChatGPT to generate one for you. The script can be tailored to be informative, funny, or engaging, depending on the purpose of your video.

    Step 5: Generating High-Quality Audio

    To ensure high-quality audio for your avatar, consider using AI-generated voice software like Upload or generate your script, choose from different voice options, and generate the audio. Play around with different voices until you find the perfect fit for your avatar's character.

    Step 6: Generating the Video

    Now comes the exciting part – generating the video! Use a video generator website like or Upload your avatar images, add the audio, and generate the video. Preview the video and make any adjustments if needed.

    Step 7: Adding Custom Backgrounds

    To add a personal touch to your video, remove the green screen using video editing software like Descript. Upload the video and apply the green screen effect to remove the background. Once that's done, replace the background with your own custom image or video. Experiment with different backgrounds to create the perfect scene for your avatar.

    Now you have successfully created your own AI animated character! The possibilities are endless. Let your creativity shine and have fun bringing your avatar to life.


    • Avatar generation
    • AI animation
    • Video generation
    • Green screen removal
    • Custom backgrounds


    Q1: Can I use any photo to generate my avatar? A: While you can use any photo to generate an avatar, it is recommended to use specific tools like Mid-Journey or other text image generators to ensure a consistent and high-quality result.

    Q2: Are there any limitations to how many variations of avatars I can generate? A: There are no specific limitations to the number of avatar variations you can create. Experiment with different prompts and generate as many variations as you need to suit your project's requirements.

    Q3: Can I use different software for removing backgrounds and adding custom backgrounds? A: Yes, there are various software options available for removing backgrounds and adding custom backgrounds. You can use tools like Adobe Premiere or Descript, depending on your preference and availability.

    Q4: How do I choose the best AI-generated voice for my avatar? A: To find the perfect AI-generated voice for your avatar, try out different options provided by voice generation software like Listen to the samples and select the voice that best matches your character and message.

    Q5: What are the benefits of using AI animated characters? A: AI animated characters offer a range of benefits, such as versatility, consistency, and the ability to customize their appearance and voice. They can be employed for various purposes, including customer service, employee onboarding, and entertainment.

    Q6: Can I use my AI animated character for commercial purposes? A: The usage rights of AI generated avatars depend on the specific software and licenses used. Some may have limitations on commercial use, so it's important to review the terms and conditions of the tools you employ.

    Have fun creating your own AI animated characters and enjoy the endless possibilities they offer in various industries and creative projects!

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