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    Create Your Own AI Music Video (a complete guide)

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    Create Your Own AI Music Video (A Complete Guide)

    Linkin Park recently used AI to generate a music video for their song "Lost," and it turns out that it's pretty easy to make AI-generated music videos like that. In this article, we will walk you through the process of using artificial intelligence to create your own unique song and generate a synchronized video to go with it. We will also show you how to use a video editor to tie multiple clips together and create a full music video.

    But before we dive into the details, here are a few examples of what can be achieved using AI-generated music videos:

    • [Example 1]
    • [Example 2]
    • [Example 3]

    In this tutorial, we will be using an AI music generator called It offers a free plan that allows you to generate unlimited songs and a paid plan with additional features for monetizing your music videos. We will also make use of to generate the initial image for our video.

    Step 1: Generating the Song

    Start by using to generate your own unique song. The AI tool analyzes the melody, beats, and energy of your song to create a synchronized video. Choose a genre combination and set the mood and tempo to match the style of video you want. Experiment with different tracks and settings until you find something you like. You can also customize the song by adjusting stems, beats per minute, instruments, and length. Once you're satisfied with the result, download the song.

    Note: If you want to use a song with vocals, AI technology is not yet capable of generating vocals. In that case, you can use a music library like Epidemic Sound to find royalty-free music for your video.

    Step 2: Generating the Seed Image

    To generate the initial frame and setting for your video, you can use It provides a gallery of free-to-use images and allows you to search for inspiration based on the style and theme you want. Browse through the gallery while listening to your chosen song and select an image that clicks with the music. Once you find the perfect image, save it and move on to the next step.

    Step 3: Generating the Video

    The next tool we'll be using is Kyber.AI to generate the video based on the seed image and song. Kyber.AI offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to upload the image and song clip. Trim the song clip to the desired length to create different scenes within the same clip. Adjust the camera movement direction and choose the art style that complements your image. Finally, click "generate" and wait for the video to be created.

    You can generate multiple video clips with different prompts to create a dynamic music video. To make seamless transitions between video clips, take a frame shot from the last frame of the previous clip and use it as the initial image for the next clip. This ensures a smooth flow between scenes and maintains synchronization with the audio. You can use a video editing software like Adobe Premiere to combine these clips and add video transitions for a polished final product.


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    • Q: Is the AI-generated music synchronized with the video?

      • A: Yes, the AI tool analyzes the melody, beats, and energy of your song to generate a video that is synchronized with the music.
    • Q: Can I monetize the music videos generated using AI tools?

      • A: Yes, some AI tools offer paid plans that allow you to monetize the music videos you create., for example, offers a paid plan starting at $ 19.99.
    • Q: Can AI generate music with vocals?

      • A: AI technology is still developing in the area of generating vocals. Currently, it is recommended to use a music library like Epidemic Sound to find royalty-free music with vocals.
    • Q: How can I transition between different scenes in the video?

      • A: By using different prompts in Kyber.AI, you can prompt the AI tool to generate scenes with different settings. This allows you to create seamless transitions within the same video clip.
    • Q: Can I create a full music video by combining multiple video clips?

      • A: Yes, you can use a video editing software like Adobe Premiere to combine multiple video clips and add transitions to create a full music video.

    With the help of AI tools like,, and Kyber.AI, you can unleash your creativity and create unique and visually stunning AI-generated music videos. Whether you're looking to create short TikTok videos or full-length music videos, these tools offer endless possibilities for bringing your music to life. So, get started and create your own AI music video today!

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