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    Create a Music Video with AI | Quick Tutorial

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    Create a Music Video with AI | Quick Tutorial

    To create a music video using AI, head to kyber dot AI or click on the link in the description to sign up for free and get 30 credits to try the tool. You can upload an image, a video, or a song to get started. In this tutorial, we will go through the process of uploading an image, selecting a style prompt, adjusting settings, generating the video, and downloading the final result. Keep in mind that in the free trial, only the image option is available.

    1. Upload your image
    2. Select a style prompt (e.g., Secret Garden in Intergalactic Style)
    3. Adjust settings for duration, camera movement, and frame evolution
    4. Generate the video

    After the video is generated, you can choose to upscale it to 1080P or 4K before downloading it. To access the other options, such as using a song or a video for the AI to generate a music video, a subscription is required.

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    1. Can I use a song or a video to create an AI-generated music video in kyber AI?

      • Yes, you can upload a song or a video to generate a music video with AI in kyber AI, but a subscription is needed to access these features.
    2. How long does it take to generate a music video using AI in kyber AI?

      • The time taken to generate a music video can vary from minutes to an hour, depending on the length of the video and the complexity of the style prompt chosen.
    3. What are the options available for adjusting settings in the AI-generated music video process?

      • Settings such as duration, camera movement, and frame evolution can be adjusted to customize the final output of the AI-generated music video.

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