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    Create a Professional Video in Minutes with Steve.Ai

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    Create a Professional Video in Minutes with Steve.Ai

    It has been a while since we explored, a platform created by the company Animaker that utilizes artificial intelligence to facilitate video creation from a simple script. In this article, we will delve into the process of using to craft a commercial swiftly and effortlessly.

    To begin, log in to and select the "text to video" feature. This function allows you to input a script which will automatically transform into a video. After pasting your script, customize details such as the video type, source, voiceover options, and more. You can also select a voice and video style to suit your preferences. Once these settings are adjusted, a preview of your video will be generated for review.

    Next, make any necessary modifications to the text, transitions, audio, and other elements to refine your video. Once satisfied, proceed to publish the video. It will be processed within minutes, and you can either share it using the provided link or download the mp4 file for distribution on various platforms. With its user-friendly interface and swift processing capabilities, offers a convenient solution for creating engaging videos in a matter of minutes.


    • Steve.Ai
    • Video creation
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Commercial
    • Script
    • Voiceover
    • Customization
    • Audio


    • Can be used for free?
    • What are the features of the text to video function in
    • How can I customize the video created by
    • In what formats can the videos be shared from
    • Is there an option to add a logo to the videos created with

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