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    Create a Talking Ai Avatar for Free

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    Create a Talking AI Avatar for Free

    If you're looking to create a human-like AI avatar that can read text in less than five minutes and completely for free, Canva offers a simple solution with its built-in AI tools. Follow the steps below to generate your own talking head video with an AI presenter using Canva and Did AI Presenter plugin.

    1. Sign Up and Access Did AI Presenter: Create a Canva account and click on the "Create apps" option on the left side of the page. Look for Did AI Presenter among the available apps and select it to begin designing your AI avatar video.

    2. Customize Your AI Presenter:

      • Select a presenter from the options provided.
      • Input your script and choose the language and voice for the presentation.
      • Preview the speech and customize the style of the presenter.
      • Generate the video with the selected preferences.
    3. Enhance Your Video:

      • You can add your own video as a background or choose from Canva's background options.
      • Customize the layout by adding text, elements, and adjusting the avatar's position.
      • Include background music from Canva's library to enhance the video.
    4. Preview and Download Your Video: Once you're satisfied with the design, preview the video, and then download it as an MP4 file for free using Canva. You can share the video on various platforms or your website.


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    1. Can I create multiple AI avatars in one video using Canva?

      • Yes, you can add multiple pages in your video design in Canva to generate different AI avatars or segments of the presentation.
    2. Are there limitations to the length of the script the AI avatar can read?

      • Currently, the length is set at 500 characters per generated AI avatar, but you can add more pages and avatars to accommodate longer scripts.
    3. Do I need to pay for downloading the AI avatar video created in Canva?

      • No, the download of the AI avatar video in MP4 format is free within Canva, and you can save and use it without any additional cost.

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