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    Create a Talking Avatar for FREE | Under 1 Minute

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    Create a Talking Avatar for FREE | Under 1 Minute

    To animate an image quickly and easily for free, follow these simple steps using the Sad Talker tool on Hugging Face and CapCut:

    • Click the link in the description to access the Sad Talker tool on Hugging Face.
    • Upload your desired image and choose your presets, ensuring the enhancer is on for the best quality.
    • Opt for the full image to make cropping the watermark easier with CapCut later.
    • Input your script or upload a recording, then click generate to see the results.

    Remember, you can also use the Sad Talker tool on if the generation time is too long. Enjoy creating your talking avatar in under a minute!


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    1. Can I use the Sad Talker tool on Hugging Face for free?
    2. Do I need to sign up for an account to use the Sad Talker tool?
    3. Are there preset options available for customizing the talking avatar?
    4. How can I remove the watermark from the animated image using CapCut?
    5. Is it possible to use the Sad Talker tool on as an alternative option for generating the talking avatar?

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