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    Create a speaking animated character | Midjourney + other AI Tools

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    Create a speaking animated character | Midjourney + other AI Tools

    In about 10 minutes, I created a speaking animated character with background music, subtitles, and a script all generated by AI. In this article, I will show you exactly how I achieved this using a variety of AI tools.

    To start, the process involved creating the character image using Midjourney, inputting a specific prompt with parameters for higher image quality. Then, using Chat GPT, a script was generated by inputting a prompt to rewrite "The Man in the Arena" in a satirical manner. Next, WellSaid Labs was used to generate the voiceover by pasting the text and converting it to audio.

    After obtaining the audio file, the process moved to, where the animated character was created by selecting an image and pairing it with the audio track. Finally, AI-generated music was added using Ava, with the preferred choice of synthwave music.

    In the final step, all components were combined using editing software like Premiere Pro, adjusting the music volume, and generating subtitles to complete the video.


    AI tools, speaking animated character, Midjourney, Chat GPT, WellSaid Labs,, Ava, synthwave music, script generation, video editing


    1. How long did it take to create a speaking animated character using AI tools?

      • The process took about 10 minutes to create a character with background music, subtitles, and a script all generated by AI.
    2. Which AI tools were used in the creation of the animated character?

      • Midjourney was used to create the character image, Chat GPT for script generation, WellSaid Labs for voiceover, for animation, and Ava for AI-generated music.
    3. What was the final step in combining all the elements of the animated character video?

      • The final step involved using editing software like Premiere Pro to combine the video of the character speaking, music, and subtitles to create the complete animated character video.

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