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    Create an AI Art progress video using Midjourney (--video prompt code)

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    Create an AI Art progress video using Midjourney (--video prompt code)

    In today's tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create captivating progress videos of your artwork using Midjourney. While there are some limitations, we will show you how to overcome them and achieve impressive effects. Let's dive in!

    To begin, we start by entering a prompt for our artwork in Midjourney. Once the prompt is entered, add '--video' at the end and hit enter. This will generate the images of your artwork.

    However, to convert these images into a video, there is an additional step. Click on the "Add Reaction" tool, select a blank envelope emoji, and then the video will be activated.

    Alternatively, by adjusting the aspect ratio of your image to 16:9 and including '--video' in your prompt, you can create a single image video. This can be accomplished by adding '--AR 16:9' along with '--video' in the prompt.

    Once the images are generated, follow the same process of adding the envelope emoji to access the video link. You can download the video for your use.

    Now you have learned how to create engaging progress videos of your artwork using Midjourney. Enjoy exploring this feature and showcasing your creative process!


    • Midjourney
    • AI art
    • Progress videos
    • Aspect ratio
    • Video creation
    • Artwork visualization


    • How can I convert the images of my artwork into a video in Midjourney?
    • What is the significance of adjusting the aspect ratio in creating a single image video in Midjourney?
    • Can I download the progress videos created in Midjourney for external use?
    • Are there any limitations to creating progress videos using Midjourney?

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