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    Creating Dynamic Creative Ads IN REAL TIME using AI-Generated Creatives

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    Creating Dynamic Creative Ads IN REAL TIME using AI-Generated Creatives

    In this article, I will guide you through the process of creating Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads using AI-generated creatives. Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads is a type of ad campaign that allows you to upload multiple ad creatives. Facebook then uses different combinations of these creatives with headlines and descriptions to find the best-performing version for better results.

    Using AI for creatives allows campaigns to perform better by optimizing ads in real time. It saves time and effort compared to manually creating and testing multiple versions of creatives. With AI, you can generate killer conversion campaigns within minutes, without hiring freelancers or spending hours creating different ad creatives.

    To begin, access your Facebook Ads Manager and click on the create button. Select the sales objective, and name your campaign. I recommend naming your campaigns, ad sets, and ads for easy management. Proceed to the ad set level where you can turn on dynamic creative. Set your target audience based on your specific goals. For larger budgets, you can go with broad targeting, while smaller budgets may require more specific targeting.

    Enable advanced budget optimization to let Facebook allocate the budget to the best-performing assets. Be mindful not to add too many filters or restrictions as it may hinder Facebook's optimization process. Finally, choose the placement options, which allows your ads to appear on multiple platforms within Facebook's partner network.

    Now comes the exciting part: creating the ad creatives using AI-generated content. Sign up for Ad Creative AI to access the AI-powered creative generation platform. Ensure that you provide your brand details, including brand name, logo, colors, and brand description. Connecting your Facebook and Google accounts can enhance the learning process for the AI, allowing it to generate more accurate predictions for your brand.

    Create an ad project and select the desired aspect ratio for your creatives. Ad Creative AI supports various sizes depending on the platform. For example, square size is suitable for Instagram. Input your desired text and let Ad Creative AI's AI-powered text generation feature provide suggestions. Customize the text as needed and move on to uploading the background or product image.

    If you have a single background image, upload it directly. However, if you have multiple backgrounds or product images, you can upload them all and generate creatives for each of them. Ad Creative AI allows you to generate hundreds of creatives with different backgrounds or products based on the inputs you provide. Once you are happy with the generated creatives, download them in high resolution.

    Return to Facebook's Dynamic Creative Ads section, select the image option, and upload the AI-generated creatives. Make sure they are all selected in high resolution. Preview the creatives and check their appearance on different placements. Facebook will combine the primary text, headline, description, and image to create numerous versions of your ads.

    Review the advanced preview to see how each combination looks. Finally, click on publish, and your ads will go live. It's important to note that Ad Creative AI offers a 7-day free trial and 10 free credits, allowing you to test the platform and generate your first 10 creatives. If satisfied, you can continue with a membership plan.

    By utilizing AI-generated creatives, you can save time and effort while achieving better results with your Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads. AI optimization enables your ads to perform at their best, increasing your chances of conversion. Sign up for Ad Creative AI and experience the power of AI-generated creatives in real time.


    • Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads
    • AI-generated creatives
    • Ad Creative AI
    • AI-powered creative generation
    • Optimization in real time
    • Improved ad performance


    Q: How does AI-powered creative generation for Dynamic Creative Ads work?
    A: AI-powered creative generation uses machine learning algorithms to generate ad creatives based on given inputs such as brand details, text, and backgrounds. The AI analyzes patterns, trends, and user preferences to generate visually appealing and high-converting creatives.

    Q: Can AI-generated creatives outperform manually designed creatives?
    A: Yes, AI-generated creatives have shown to perform better in many cases. AI can analyze vast amounts of data quickly and find the optimal combinations for better results. It saves time and resources by automating the creative process and delivering high-quality creatives.

    Q: How does Dynamic Creative Ads with AI-generated creatives benefit advertisers?
    A: Dynamic Creative Ads with AI-generated creatives offer several benefits. It allows advertisers to test multiple variations of their creatives without the manual effort of creating and managing each individually. It saves time, improves performance, and provides insights into the best combinations for greater ad effectiveness.

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