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    Creating Viral Videos With AI

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    Creating Viral Videos With AI

    Have you seen those viral videos where famous movies are recreated with a Balenciaga theme? From Harry Potter to Batman to The Matrix, these videos have been taking the internet by storm. If you've ever wondered how these videos were made, I've got a quick tutorial for you.

    To create these videos, people are using an AI art platform called Mid-Journey. You'll need a Discord account to use Mid-Journey, and you can either create your own server or use the Mid-Journey bot in an existing server. Once you're set up, you can start creating your own AI-generated images.

    First, you'll need to come up with a prompt for each character in your video. For example, "Willem Dafoe dressed up as the Joker in a film directed by Wes Anderson." You can specify the aspect ratio and style you prefer, and then generate images based on your prompt. It may take a few tries to get the image you want, so don't be afraid to regenerate.

    Once you have your AI-generated images, you can download them and save them to a folder on your computer. You can also add voices to your characters using tools like 11 Labs, where you can clone a voice. Find audio clips of the actors you want to use, and use these clips to train the voice cloning model. You can then download the cloned voices and add them to your video.

    To animate your images, you can use a tool like Dash ID. Upload each image and add a presenter for each character. You can also upload a silent audio clip to create subtle head movements and expressions for your characters. Once you have all your animated clips, you can bring them into a video editing software like DaVinci Resolve.

    In the video editing software, you can arrange your clips, add background music, and add text overlays if desired. You can also adjust the volume of the music to create a balance between the music and the character voices. Finally, you can export your video and share it with the world.

    Creating viral videos with AI can be a fun and creative way to reimagine popular movies. With the right tools and a bit of creativity, you can make your own viral video in no time.


    • Viral videos
    • AI art platform
    • Prompt
    • AI-generated images
    • Voice cloning
    • Animation
    • Video editing software
    • Background music
    • Text overlays
    • Export


    1. What is Mid-Journey? Mid-Journey is an AI art platform that generates images based on the prompts you provide. It requires a Discord account and allows you to create AI-generated artwork.

    2. Can I use Mid-Journey for free? Currently, Mid-Journey is a paid service, with plans starting at $ 10 per month. There used to be a free plan available, and the platform may offer a free trial or free plan again in the future.

    3. How do I add voices to my AI-generated characters? You can use tools like 11 Labs to clone voices. Find audio clips of the actors you want to use and train the voice cloning model with these clips. You can then download the cloned voices and add them to your video.

    4. Which video editing software should I use? DaVinci Resolve is a popular free video editing software that you can use for creating your viral videos. However, you can also use other video editing software that you're comfortable with.

    5. Can I add my own background music to the video? Yes, you can add your own background music to your viral video. There are various sources for royalty-free music, such as Mubert or, that offer a wide range of music options.

    6. Can I customize the animations for my characters? Yes, using tools like Dash ID, you can animate your AI-generated images. You can create subtle movements and expressions for your characters by uploading audio clips and generating animated clips based on the images.

    Remember, creating viral videos with AI is meant to be a fun and creative process. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the process of bringing your favorite movies to life in a new and unique way.

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