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    DIY tiktok compilation part 11

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    DIY TikTok Compilation Part 11

    In this article, we will be exploring a compilation of TikTok DIY videos. These videos showcase a variety of DIY projects, ranging from jewelry making and upcycling thrift store finds to creating artwork and building a miniature greenhouse. Let's dive into the exciting world of TikTok DIY and discover new projects to try!

    DIY Spoons and Ring

    The first video features a user who found spoons at a thrift store and decided to make a ring out of them. They measured the desired size, tried to cut the spoon with scissors but ended up bending and breaking it. To fix this, they used pliers wrapped in cloth and electrical tape to prevent marks. After bending and filing the spoon, they wrapped it around a bolt to create the ring shape. They then used toothpaste and a scrubby to buff out scratches.

    DIY Beaded Hair

    The next video demonstrates how to add beads to hair. The user suggests choosing the desired color beads and grabbing a section of hair, tying the rest away. They dampened the hair, braided it, and slid beads onto each piece. They repeated this process until reaching the bottom and tied it with a hair elastic.

    DIY Luna Moth Pot Accessory

    In this video, the creator showcases how to make a polymer clay Luna Moth pot accessory. They rolled out the clay and shaped it to resemble a moth, adding texture and a fuzzy body. They attached it to a pottery piece, baked it, and painted on final details.

    DIY Ice Tie-Dye Bucket Hats

    The following TikTok video shows how to create ice tie-dye bucket hats. The user soaked the hats in water and placed ice on top. They added tie-dye colors and repeated the process, alternating colors. After letting the ice melt overnight, they rinsed the hats and revealed vibrant tie-dye designs.

    DIY Recycled Paper

    In this TikTok video, the creator demonstrates how to make recycled paper. They tore up old paper and soaked it overnight. The next day, they blended the pulp and added it to water in a container, stirring until it reached the desired consistency. They then used a mold and deckle to shape the paper, squeezed out excess water, and dried it overnight.

    DIY Giant Pillow

    The next video showcases the process of making a giant pillow. The creator started with a large blanket, folding it in half and gluing the two layers together. They added fluffy stuffing from old pillows and glued the sides shut. The final result was a huge, comfy pillow perfect for movie nights or sleepovers.

    DIY String Art

    In this TikTok video, the user demonstrates how to create string art. They hammered nails onto a wooden board, following the outline of a shape. They then tied string to one nail and wound it around the other nails, creating a beautiful design.

    DIY Oil Paintings

    The following videos showcase two different methods of creating oil painting replicas. In one video, the creator prints out images on cardstock and applies Mod Podge to create a textured oil painting effect. In another video, they transfer the image onto fabric using freezer paper and paint it to resemble an oil painting. Both methods result in beautiful art pieces.

    DIY Tabletop Greenhouse

    The final TikTok video presents a tabletop greenhouse DIY project. The user repurposed thrifted picture frames, removing the glass and matting. They sanded and painted the frames, reattached the glass with marine-grade silicone, and created a mini greenhouse cabinet.


    Spoons, Ring, Beaded Hair, Luna Moth Pot Accessory, Ice Tie-Dye, Recycled Paper, Giant Pillow, String Art, Oil Paintings, Tabletop Greenhouse.


    Q: Where can I find the supplies needed for these DIY projects? A: Many of the supplies can be found at craft stores, thrift shops, or online retailers such as Amazon.

    Q: Are the materials for these DIY projects expensive? A: The cost of materials may vary depending on the project, but many DIY projects can be done using affordable or repurposed materials.

    Q: Are these DIY projects suitable for beginners? A: Some of the projects showcased in the TikTok videos may require basic crafting skills, while others may be more advanced. Beginners can start with simpler projects and gradually work their way up to more complex ones.

    Q: Can I customize these DIY projects to my liking? A: Absolutely! DIY projects are all about personalization and creativity. Feel free to add your own touch and modify the projects to suit your preferences.

    Q: Are these DIY projects time-consuming? A: The time required for each DIY project may vary. Some projects can be completed in a short amount of time, while others may take longer. It's important to plan accordingly and allocate enough time to enjoy the process.

    Remember to always exercise caution while participating in any DIY project and have fun exploring your creative side!

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