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    Day 5 - Basic Color Grading

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    Day 5 - Basic Color Grading

    In video production, basic color grading plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall look and feel of your footage. This process involves adjusting colors to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing visual experience for your audience. In this guide, we will walk through the steps of basic color grading using Premiere Pro for better video quality.

    To start the color grading process, first, navigate to the color panel within Premiere Pro. Select the eyedropper tool under white balance and choose a white part on your image. This step ensures that the whites in your video are set to Pure White, setting a solid foundation for the color grading process. Next, adjust the temperature and tint to achieve the desired color tones, whether you prefer cooler or warmer colors. Fine-tune the greens and magentas to further enhance the visual aesthetics. Additionally, play with the saturation and other settings to find the right balance for your video. Remember, moderation is key - subtle adjustments often yield the best results.


    • Color Grading
    • Premiere Pro
    • White Balance
    • Temperature
    • Tint
    • Saturation


    1. What is color grading in video production? Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the colors in a video to create a consistent and visually appealing look.

    2. Why is basic color grading important for videos? Basic color grading helps maintain consistency in colors, enhance the overall visual quality, and create a cohesive look for your video.

    3. Which tools can be used for basic color grading? Popular video editing software like Premiere Pro offers a range of tools for color grading, including white balance adjustment, temperature, tint, and saturation controls.

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