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    December updates

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    December Updates

    Hello friends, and welcome to today's video! In this article, we will discuss the recent updates that Victory has introduced in December. There have been three key updates that users can benefit from. Let's dive into each one below:

    1. Full Width Text Box Update: With this update, users now have the ability to move the full width text box to different positions on the screen. This added flexibility allows for better customization of the layout.

    2. Snap Features Enhancement: Victory has added snap features to text boxes, making it easier to position them accurately. When dragging a text box, it will snap to grids, the middle of the screen, or align with other nearby text boxes. This feature improves the overall precision in text box placement.

    3. Video Share Link Update: Users can now access a share option by clicking on the three dots in the video file. A pop-up box will appear, offering the ability to generate a view-only link for easy sharing. This streamlined process simplifies sharing videos with others.


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    1. How can I move the full width text box in Victory's recent updates? Within the updated Victory platform, users can easily move the full width text box to different positions on the screen for improved customization.

    2. What are snap features in Victory's latest updates? The snap features added to Victory's text boxes allow for precise positioning by snapping to grids, aligning with other text boxes, or centering on the screen.

    3. How can I generate a shareable link for a video in Victory's recent updates? By clicking on the three dots in the video file, users can access the share option which allows them to generate a view-only link for easy sharing with others.

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