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    DeepMotion MP4 AI Motion Capture to iClone 7 & 8 & Character Creator 4 - Full Tutorial

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    DeepMotion MP4 AI Motion Capture to iClone 7 & 8 & Character Creator 4 - Full Tutorial

    DeepMotion is an AI-powered motion capture app that allows you to capture body motions from MP4 videos and transform them into eye-catching animations for iClone 7, iClone 8, and Character Creator 4. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of using DeepMotion to achieve this.

    Step 1: Signing up and accessing DeepMotion

    1. Visit the DeepMotion website by following the link:
    2. Sign up for a free account using your email address.
    3. Once signed up, log in to access the DeepMotion portal dashboard.

    Step 2: Capturing body motions with DeepMotion

    1. Use your webcam to capture a video of your body motions. You can perform any actions you'd like for this demonstration.
    2. Save the video as an MP4 file.

    Step 3: Upload and convert MP4 to FBX

    1. In the DeepMotion dashboard, click on "Animate 3D".
    2. Click on "Create" and then "Drag and Drop video" to upload your MP4 file.
    3. Select the FBX output option.
    4. Follow the instructions and start the job. Note that the duration of the video may vary depending on your package. Free accounts have a limit of 10 seconds for video duration.
    5. Wait for the processing to complete.

    Step 4: Download and extract the FBX file

    1. Once the processing is finished, click "OK".
    2. Click "Download" to save the FBX file to your computer.
    3. Extract the downloaded ZIP file to access the FBX file.

    Step 5: Import FBX into iClone 7 & 8 or Character Creator 4

    1. Open iClone 7, iClone 8, or Character Creator 4.
    2. In iClone, drag the FBX file (including the T-pose) into the workspace.
    3. Import the file and adjust the material colors as needed.
    4. Map the bones in the FBX file by double-clicking on each bone and assigning the corresponding bone in the software.
    5. Once all bones are mapped, click "Active" and then "Convert" to apply the changes.
    6. Export the modified FBX file as an iClone motion file (RL motion) for future use.

    Step 6: Testing the motions in iClone

    1. Choose an avatar in iClone and drag the RL motion file onto it.
    2. Play the animation to see the captured body motions in action.

    Congratulations! You have successfully captured and applied MP4 motions to iClone 7, iClone 8, or Character Creator 4 using DeepMotion.

    Keywords: DeepMotion, MP4, AI motion capture, iClone 7, iClone 8, Character Creator 4, FBX, RL motion


    Q: Can DeepMotion be used with iClone 7 and iClone 8? A: Yes, DeepMotion can be used with both iClone 7 and iClone 8. The tutorial provides steps for both versions.

    Q: Can I use DeepMotion with Character Creator 4? A: Yes, DeepMotion is compatible with Character Creator 4. The tutorial explains how to import FBX files into Character Creator 4.

    Q: Is DeepMotion free to use? A: DeepMotion offers a free package that allows users to capture and convert MP4 motions. Additional packages with more features are available for purchase.

    Q: Can the RL motions created with DeepMotion be used in mobile applications? A: Yes, RL motions generated using DeepMotion can be used in mobile applications such as iClone 7, iClone 8, or Character Creator 4.

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