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    Discover This Powerful AI Animation Effect in Davinci Resolve 18

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    Discover This Powerful AI Animation Effect in Davinci Resolve 18

    Today, you're going to learn how to create an insanely awesome AI animation effect for your videos using Davinci Resolve 18. This effect is inspired by the work of Malik, who made it popular on social media. By following these steps, you can transform your videos with this innovative technique.

    In the timeline, select a point to start the effect, cut the clip, create a new Fusion clip, save each frame as a PNG file, upload the images to a platform like Dolly, customize the AI-generated effect, download the result, and finally incorporate it back into Davinci Resolve for a stunning animation.


    AI animation, Davinci Resolve 18, Fusion clip, PNG files, Dolly platform, video editing, motion blur, hyperlapse video, effects, social media.


    1. Can this AI animation effect be applied to any type of video in Davinci Resolve 18? Yes, this technique can be used on various types of videos to create unique and engaging animations.

    2. Do I need prior experience in video editing to follow these steps? While some familiarity with Davinci Resolve may be helpful, the steps provided are detailed and beginner-friendly, allowing users of all skill levels to try out this AI animation effect.

    3. Is the Dolly platform the only option for generating AI effects, or are there alternatives? While the tutorial uses Dolly as an example platform, there are other AI tools and software available that can help create similar effects in video editing.

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