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    Disney Peter Pan (2003) Smee Wakes Hook

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    Disney Peter Pan (2003) Smee Wakes Hook

    As I was sitting wide-eyed on my watch, I noticed the juxtaposition of winter on the water and springtime on the shore. In a dreamlike state, the speaker reflects on the changing seasons, his hand being cut off by Pam and replaced with a hook, and the constant presence of a crocodile. The dialogue captures a whimsical and fantastical element characteristic of the world of Peter Pan.

    Keyword: Peter Pan, Smee, Hook, Crocodile, Fantasy, Dreamlike, Seasons


    1. What is the significance of the crocodile in the script?
    2. How does the dialogue between the characters convey the fantastical nature of the story?
    3. What themes are explored through the symbolic acts of hand-cutting and forgiveness in the script?

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