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    Dropshipping From SCRATCH pt. 2 | TikTok Marketing Results

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    Dropshipping From SCRATCH pt. 2 | TikTok Marketing Results

    In the journey of growing a TikTok channel through posting videos, the results can vary greatly from day to day. On the first day, the channel received about 900 views, followed by 715 views on the second day. Day two saw a significant boost with 12,000 views, but only resulted in 20 new followers. Day three had lower views with 242 and 345 on the two videos, garnering zero new followers. However, the fourth day was a standout with 6,646 and 3,960 views, respectively, leading to 15 new followers. The fifth day was the most remarkable, receiving a staggering 105,000 views on the first video and instantly gaining over a hundred followers due to the viral nature of the content. Throughout the process, the mention of propane in the freezer particularly captured viewers' attention and generated significant engagement.


    • TikTok
    • Dropshipping
    • Marketing
    • Views
    • Followers
    • Engagement
    • Propane in the freezer


    • Q: How did the TikTok channel performance progress over the first five days?
      • A: The channel started with around 900 views on the first day, gradually increasing to reach a peak of 105,000 views on the fifth day, along with a significant rise in followers.
    • Q: What content generated the most engagement on the channel?
      • A: The mention of "propane in the freezer" seemed to capture viewers' interest, leading to a surge in comments and overall engagement on the platform.

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