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    EASILY make AI Music Video CGI Effects FREE | Premiere Pro Tutorial !!

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    EASILY make AI Music Video CGI Effects FREE | Premiere Pro Tutorial !!

    In this article, we will learn how to create impressive music video visual effects using AI without the need for any expensive plugins. We will be utilizing the free AI video generation website,, along with Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Step 1: Introduction and Setup

    Firstly, we need to have our clip ready in Premiere Pro. Once we have the desired clip, we can export it. Then, we will head over to the website and sign up for an account. The website offers a free 30-second video trial, which is sufficient for adding visual effects to shorter music videos. However, there are also paid plans available for longer videos if needed.

    Step 2: Creating Visual Effects with AI

    We will now use the video to video generation tool on After uploading our video file, we have the option to choose from different styles for our effects. These styles include image presets, prompts, and more. For this tutorial, we will focus on using presets and prompts.

    The preset option allows us to choose from a wide range of pre-made effects, such as ink animation, cloudscape, and claymation. We can adjust the style strength according to our preference and generate the video.

    Alternatively, the prompt option lets us type in specific keywords or phrases to create custom effects. For example, we can type "fire" or "smoke background" as prompts, and the AI will generate the video accordingly.

    We can experiment with different styles, adjust the parameters, and generate multiple versions of the video until we achieve the desired effect.

    Step 3: Downloading and Integrating the Effects

    Once the video is generated, we can download it from and import it back into Premiere Pro. We can now drag the video clip onto the timeline, scale it, and adjust its position as needed.

    To enhance the visual effects, we can apply additional effects to the video clip. In this tutorial, we applied an invert effect and a threshold effect to create a unique look. We also changed the blend mode to linear dodge ad to achieve a hand-drawn animation effect.

    To add more depth to the video, we can include additional clips, such as the fire monster image. By adjusting the speed of these clips and applying appropriate effects, we can seamlessly integrate them into the video.

    Finally, if we want to remove the background of our subject in the video, offers a remove background tool. We can upload the video, select points to create a mask, and export the video with the subject fully isolated. Back in Premiere Pro, we can use the Ultra Key effect to remove the green screen and place our subject in the desired background.


    With the help of and Adobe Premiere Pro, we can easily create stunning CGI effects for music videos using AI. We can choose from a variety of pre-made presets and prompts or create our own styles. By combining these effects with additional clips and applying various adjustments, we can achieve impressive results. The process does not require any expensive plugins, making it accessible to all.

    Keywords: AI, visual effects, music video, CGI effects,, Adobe Premiere Pro, presets, prompts, clip, video generation, style, invert effect, threshold effect, blend mode, hand-drawn animation, remove background, Ultra Key effect, green screen.


    1. Can I use for free? Yes, offers a free trial that allows you to generate videos for the first 30 seconds. After that, they have paid plans available for longer videos.

    2. Do I need any plugins for creating the AI visual effects? No, provides all the necessary AI capabilities to generate the effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro is used for editing and integrating the effects into the video.

    3. What can I do if the generated video has a choppy frame rate? If you encounter issues with the frame rate or video quality after generating the effects, check your internet connection and consider upgrading to a paid plan for better results.

    4. Can I customize the AI effects to match my specific requirements? Yes, you can adjust the parameters of the presets and prompts to create customized effects. Additionally, you can experiment with different combinations and styles to achieve your desired look.

    5. Is suitable for longer music videos? While offers a free trial for 30-second videos, it may not be sufficient for longer music videos. However, they have paid plans available that cater to longer video durations.

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