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    A business mentor with a substantial following on TikTok shares her tips on researching TikTok hooks effectively. The key advice is to look to the experts and replicate what they are doing. By analyzing popular news sites and their best headlines, you can gain valuable insights into what resonates with audiences. Sites like Buzzfeed, Nikki Swift, Yahoo News, and even Dailymail are recommended for inspiration as they test multiple headline versions to determine the most engaging ones.

    The mentor emphasizes the importance of not reinventing the wheel but rather learning from successful examples in the industry. By studying proven templates and strategies, content creators can improve their TikTok video hooks and increase engagement with their audience.


    • TikTok
    • Research
    • Hooks
    • TikTok strategy
    • Popular news sites


    How can I improve my TikTok video hooks?

    To enhance your TikTok video hooks, consider studying successful examples from popular news sites and replicating effective strategies used by experts in the field.

    Why is it beneficial to analyze news sites for TikTok inspiration?

    Popular news sites like Buzzfeed, Nikki Swift, and Yahoo News test various headline versions to determine the most engaging ones, providing valuable insights into creating compelling TikTok hooks.

    Should I come up with completely original hooks for TikTok videos?

    While creativity is important, there is no harm in drawing inspiration from successful sources and incorporating proven strategies into your TikTok video hooks for better viewer engagement.

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