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    EXPOSING my TikTok growth strategy for 2023 (it’s already working!)

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    EXPOSING my TikTok growth strategy for 2023 (it’s already working!)

    In this article, I will share my TikTok growth strategy that has helped me gain over 6,000 new followers in just a few weeks. TikTok has evolved since its early days in 2020, and the way creators grow on the platform has also changed. After being stuck around 14k followers for most of 2022, I finally found a strategy that worked for me and allowed me to surpass that mark and enter 2023 with over 20,000 followers.

    Treating TikTok like YouTube

    I realized that treating TikTok like YouTube and implementing similar growth strategies was the key to my success. Rather than repurposing my YouTube videos for TikTok, I took the concepts and ideas from my YouTube content and filmed fresh, brand new videos specifically for TikTok. I started thinking of TikToks as mini YouTube videos and focused on creating valuable, engaging content.

    Adapting YouTube growth strategies

    The main difference between YouTube and TikTok is the way content is presented. On YouTube, the goal is to convince people to click on your video with an enticing title and thumbnail. On TikTok, the goal is to convince people to keep watching your video since they are shown videos randomly without any introduction. Therefore, it's crucial to grab their attention in the first few seconds.

    To adapt my YouTube growth strategies to TikTok, I added an effective hook at the beginning of my videos to set the stakes and grab viewers' attention. I avoided starting with a generic introduction and instead tailored it to the content I was about to share.

    Making effective TikToks

    To create effective TikToks using this strategy, it is essential to focus on the following steps:

    1. Take your strongest YouTube concepts and turn them into a one and a half to three-minute video specifically for TikTok.
    2. Write scripts for your TikToks instead of going off the cuff, ensuring you can deliver your message effectively within the short time frame.
    3. Film multiple TikToks at once to be more efficient.
    4. Take advantage of the TikTok editor to add graphics, b-roll, captions, and titles to make your videos visually interesting.
    5. Publish your TikToks throughout the week, setting reminders to post them from your drafts.

    Secret sauce: Editing TikToks like YouTube videos

    One of the secret ingredients to my TikTok growth strategy is editing my TikToks like I do my YouTube videos. By bringing the footage onto my computer, adding b-roll, graphics, and text titles, my TikToks became visually engaging. Even though the video quality remained that of a TikTok, the added effort made a significant impact in grabbing viewers' attention and converting them into followers.

    Tracking growth with Dash Hudson

    To analyze the growth and effectiveness of my TikTok content, I rely on Dash Hudson, a social media analytics tool. It allows me to track metrics across different platforms and create custom dashboards. Dash Hudson's campaign reporting feature has been particularly helpful in analyzing the performance of my content and campaigns, including integration with Google Analytics. By observing the metrics and insights, you can adjust your strategies for even greater success.


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    1. What if I don't have a YouTube channel?

      • The TikTok growth strategy can still be effective even if you don't have a YouTube channel. Focus on creating valuable content specifically for TikTok using the tips mentioned in the article.
    2. Can I repurpose my YouTube videos for TikTok?

      • It's not recommended to directly repurpose your YouTube videos for TikTok. Instead, take the concepts and ideas from your YouTube content and create fresh, engaging videos tailor-made for TikTok.
    3. How often should I post TikToks?

      • It's important to remain consistent with your TikTok posting. Set a schedule that works for you, whether it's posting three times a week or daily, and stick to it to maintain engagement with your audience.
    4. Do I need professional equipment to make TikToks?

      • While professional equipment can enhance the quality of your videos, it is not necessary to start growing on TikTok. Many successful TikTokers film their content using smartphones and still achieve significant growth.

    By following these strategies, adapting YouTube techniques to TikTok, and consistently creating engaging and valuable content, you can see significant growth on the platform. Good luck on your TikTok journey!

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