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    EXTREME Color Grade with MOBILE Footage

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    EXTREME Color Grade with MOBILE Footage

    No matter how powerful your brain is with my mobile, ideally you should not tamper with it too much. It can burst at any time. Experimenting on the mobile stage at the time of grading is costing it its life. Okay, so let's ruin [music]. It is possible that why the sensor of whose mobile is not working, if you make Kalash more happy than that, then the footage can die and the main is torn or ruined. But if you do not do experiments, then how will you develop new skills, that is why I used this mobile shot, dip it, ok type Skype in. What a small experiment with no details on colors, new dynamic rivalry, which I would not do at all in normal, all the mistakes in the experiment are forgiven on the screen, that is why I directly opened the Premiere Pro M1 of OnePlus node from which this footage has been taken, on which there is a dedicated video. And this feature was used a little in the resort, that's why the background is a little blurred and everything else is clear, the sky is also that's why the color details are equal to the expectation of petrol price falling, so I have already balanced the white a little on the warm side, the temperature in a little green.

    The site of these so that there is a little separation of color on which the mobile foot is on, the biggest problem of this is not digital snake and digital contrast but digital has reduced it a bit, who has submitted it directly with the 5 second schedule unhide feature from the slider, then it is a little dark side. There is a little color on the main point of Katill today, a little color on one of its email points today and the shadow point has been increased a little bit by adding details to the warm warm tones. I had to focus only on Sky because all the other schools don't use it. By spreading it with U and Saturation, I reduced the saturation by lowering it because the color had to be added at the end, the butter was also colored, by giving a little blue in the send and a little low on the highlight, I went straight to this letter group in the effect control. Gave duplicate den reset because the colors have to be brought down that in this lesson the rectangle from the mask is correct so after giving speed that admit the temperature a little on the blue side only after giving a little mole color on it na I was dealing with the color on this section but you If you want separation JJA separation on Sky, then one more time duplicate day recent day mask by placing it at the place where it was needed with the feature, complete reverse process times a little, this rise can be forgotten even in low temperature and in highlights. Did you also think about it, the hand automatically went to another duplicate, day mask at that place, now this is for your miss, did the merger take place, episode but this one, basically by selecting the credit contrasting colors mask at some specific place, I reduced the contrast a bit, increase At the moment only video was incomplete increased but had to do a little match with Colors Canada Temperature and friends that not bad means good and only good things are copied so by copying this also the other side face change but I think now I think this If I am less then why should I think less then take Arpit Goyal in a separate exam and see that he has given strong marks to the intensity, now there is remote colitin and buffalo on both the sides along with a separate dark on the lower part which is also there on top to compete with that new. In which there is a technical tip bar with the same question on the layer, plane mode screen, why experiment brother, but on less opposition, the opposition can be less, but not the colors, the board result is that the first face is less, then I want more colors, I keep doing more experiments on the sky, neither Took a color mate, in this way I picked the color that I wanted to make in these swans and a sister of the same color, a little more and a little more colorful, using the option, OK, now put this foot on top of it and set it in place with the mask. Turned the sofa into plane mode, now that the sky has been filled with colours, then why leave the ground? The movie has a new color metric but they are still color and the exposure is a little less which made it clear that what I would never do in normal videos was probably there. The experiment was to send a little bit of Christopher Nolan's movie, so I just wanted to see that the color could be done only by color grading without any additional addition, which I did at some time, whose story you were listening to till now and after listening to the story, you went back towards this footage. You can turn and go away or else but always remember to experiment with creativity, it's just that, you see, experiment, yes, it's yours, why give me the money, friend, no problem, listen well, Finland was asking, do MP3 [Music] [music].

    keyword: experiment, color grading, mobile footage, Premiere Pro, color correction, saturation, contrast


    1. What software was used for color grading the mobile footage?
    2. Why is experimenting with color grading important for developing new skills?
    3. How was the color balance and temperature adjusted in the footage?
    4. What was the focus of the color grading process in the video?

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