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    Earn $10k/Month with this VIRAL TikTok Niche (Creativity Program)

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    Earn $ 10k/Month with this VIRAL TikTok Niche (Creativity Program)

    Have you ever wondered how to make a significant amount of money easily? Thanks to TikTok's creativity program, it has never been easier to earn thousands of dollars a month. Many people, including myself, have been able to achieve this by posting faceless TikTok videos. With this program, you have the potential to earn up to $ 1,000 or more for every 1 million qualified views. And here's the exciting part: I recently discovered an untapped niche that can help you get millions of views effortlessly.

    Accounts that simply post Google Earth videos are going viral consistently. For example, there is a TikTok page that started just over a month ago and frequently receives millions of views by posting videos of celebrity houses. Another account is making thousands by sharing videos of national monuments. The potential within this niche is endless. Just think of the various sub-niches you can explore – skyscrapers, abandoned places, stadiums, volcanoes, historic locations, amusement parks, university campuses, biomes, islands, and so much more. The possibilities are vast.

    If you are concerned about oversaturation, don't fret. With this niche, there is no need to worry because even if everyone is focusing on mansions or monuments, you can choose to showcase shipwrecks or ghost towns, for example. You will never run out of original ideas. To make the brainstorming process even easier, you can use ChatGPT to generate 500 video ideas in your chosen niche. Simply explain the type of videos you want to create and let it inspire you. You will have an abundance of video ideas to keep you going for years.

    The beauty of this Google Earth niche is its simplicity. Anyone can do it for free. In this article, I will guide you step by step on how to create these videos quickly so you can start earning right away. Pay close attention until the end as there might be a little gift in store for you.

    Step 1: Getting Started with Google Earth Studio

    The first thing you need to do is go to This link will take you to Google Earth Studio, where you can create captivating flyover videos. It may take a few hours to a few days to get accepted, but once you're in, you can start right away.

    The initial step of the process is to come up with an idea. To make this easier, you can use ChatGPT. Provide it with a prompt like this: "I run a TikTok account where each video is a Google flyover of an individual location, with a generated script and voice-over talking about that location. I need 50 visually appealing location ideas that are likely to go viral. The locations need to have an interesting story to make the video engaging. They should also be visible in 3D on Google Earth. Make the theme historical locations with a touch of mystery."

    Once you have your idea, generate a script using ChatGPT or create your own engaging hook. Copy and paste the script into an AI voice-over software like 11 Labs to generate the desired voice-over. Adjust the parameters to your liking, download the voice-over file, and you're ready to proceed.

    Step 2: Animating with Google Earth Studio

    Now comes the fun part – animating your Google Earth video. Create a blank project in Google Earth Studio, making sure to adjust the settings to 1080p resolution (1920x1080). Use time code instead of frames, setting the duration to 61 seconds to remain eligible for the creativity program. Choose a suitable name for your project.

    In Google Earth Studio, search for your chosen location and start animating. You can move around by clicking and holding, zoom in and out using traditional controls, and rotate by double-clicking and holding. Find your starting point and begin creating key frames for each significant movement or change in the animation. Experiment with zooming, panning, and rotating to tell a captivating story with your video.

    Create a sequence of key frames that you are satisfied with, adding animation between them. Repeat this process until you have completed your video.

    Once you are happy with the final product, render the video. After it finishes rendering, you can download it from the Animation Cloud Renders section in Google Earth Studio.

    Step 3: Editing and Enhancing with CapCut

    To add finishing touches to your video, import both the 11 Labs voice-over file and the Google Earth video into your preferred editing software. For this tutorial, we will be using CapCut, a free and user-friendly editing app.

    First, edit the voice-over by removing any silent parts and adjusting the length to match the video's duration. Cut out the blank spaces in the waveform and ensure a smooth flow.

    Drag the Google Earth video into the timeline, making sure to change the ratio to 9x16 for optimal TikTok compatibility. Now, your video timeline should include both the voice-over and the animated Google Earth footage.

    To enhance the video, CapCut offers an auto captions feature. Generate captions for your video and choose a template to make them visually appealing. Customize the font, stroke, shadow, and size to your liking. Make sure to edit the captions for perfection, ensuring they complement your video's content.

    And that's it! You have successfully created a captivating Google Earth video with voice-over and engaging captions. Now you can export the final video and share it on TikTok to potentially earn thousands of dollars per month through the TikTok Creativity Program.


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    Q: How much money can I earn through the TikTok Creativity Program? A: The earnings through the TikTok Creativity Program can vary based on a variety of factors, including the number of qualified views your videos receive. It is possible to earn up to $ 1,000 or more for every 1 million qualified views.

    Q: Can anyone participate in the TikTok Creativity Program? A: The TikTok Creativity Program is open to eligible creators who meet certain criteria set by TikTok. You may need to apply and get accepted to start monetizing your content.

    Q: Are Google Earth videos a popular niche on TikTok? A: Yes, Google Earth videos are gaining popularity on TikTok as they provide unique and engaging content for viewers. By tapping into various sub-niches within this category, such as historical locations, landmarks, or natural wonders, you can find success and potentially go viral.

    Q: Are there any limitations to using Google Earth Studio? A: While Google Earth Studio provides incredible animation tools, it is essential to respect the platform's terms of use and guidelines. Always ensure you have the necessary rights and permissions when using Google Earth Studio's imagery and data for your videos.

    Q: Can I earn money from monetizing Google Earth videos on platforms other than TikTok? A: While TikTok's Creativity Program offers opportunities for monetization, you can also explore avenues like YouTube, Instagram, or other social media platforms to generate revenue from your Google Earth videos. Be sure to research the monetization options available on each platform and adhere to their guidelines.

    Remember, success in this niche, as with any online endeavor, requires dedication, consistency, and creativity. Best of luck on your journey to earning $ 10k/month with this viral TikTok niche!

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