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    Easily Create 3D Models from Photos and Videos on Mac - Free!

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    Easily Create 3D Models from Photos and Videos on Mac - Free!

    Converting photos or videos into 3D models using photogrammetry applications was once limited to Intel Max with software like Mushroom or Reality Capture that required an Nvidia graphics card. However, with the advent of Apple M1 Max and the new architecture, these programs became inaccessible as Apple computers no longer support additional GPUs. The release of Mac OS 10 Monterey introduced the Object Capture API, enabling photogrammetry on Mac for free. Apps like Photo Catch leverage this functionality, streamlining the process of creating 3D models from images or videos. This article discusses how to utilize Photo Catch on a Mac for effortless 3D model creation.


    Since the Apple M1 Max introduction and the subsequent lack of support for traditional photogrammetry software, the Object Capture API in Mac OS 10 Monterey has democratized 3D modeling. This article explores the use of Photo Catch for creating 3D models from images or videos on Mac, providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional methods.


    • Photogrammetry
    • 3D Models
    • Mac
    • Object Capture API
    • Photo Catch
    • Free Software
    • Apple M1 Max


    1. Can I create 3D models on Mac without an Nvidia graphics card?

      • Yes, with the Object Capture API introduced in Mac OS 10 Monterey, you can now create 3D models on Mac without the need for an Nvidia graphics card.
    2. Is Photo Catch the only app available for utilizing the Object Capture API?

      • While Photo Catch is a popular choice, there are several other apps in the App Store that leverage the Object Capture API for creating 3D models from photos and videos on Mac.
    3. Are the paid features in Photo Catch necessary for creating 3D models?

      • The free functionality in Photo Catch is sufficient for most users, providing an easy and straightforward process for creating 3D models. Paid features may offer additional control and advanced options for professional users.

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