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    Edit Short video Like Pro With Viral Hook Capcut pc | natt jongsala Style

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    Edit Short Video Like a Pro With Viral Hook Capcut PC | Natt Jongsala Style

    In today's tutorial, we will learn how to edit two types of videos using Capcut PC. The first type is a hook of my edit, and the second type is a hook from the internet. After that, we will explore some awesome features of the online version of Capcut that you might not know about yet. So let's get started!

    Tutorial Details

    All the resources used in this tutorial can be found in the WhatsApp Channel or on Discord. Make sure to join both to access the necessary materials and receive important updates. The links can be found in the video description.

    Preview of the Edited Video

    Before we delve into the tutorial, let's take a look at the end result of what you will be able to achieve after following this tutorial. The video showcases various text effects like moving text from bottom to top and applying fade-in animations. It also features a hook with grid overlay, snow effect, and animated text using the popular influencer Natt Jongsala's style.

    Step 1: Editing Text Effects

    The first step is to select the text and create a caption for it. You can customize the font and size of the text to your preference. To animate the text, apply different animations like fade-in and wipe-down. Adjust the duration of the animations to achieve the desired effect. Remember to use keyframes and the keyframes graph for smooth and precise animation.

    Step 2: Editing the Hook with Grid Overlay and Snow Effect

    To create the hook with grid overlay, download the required resources mentioned in the video description. Adjust the grid and snow layers to fit your video. Place a flying dollar bill on top of the snow effect and add a PNG picture of your choice (e.g., Natt Jongsala) with a black and white filter. Use different fonts and colors to create eye-catching text layers. Apply effects like noise and vibration flash for additional visual appeal.

    Step 3: Exploring Capcut Online Version

    Capcut offers a powerful online version with various features that can enhance your video editing experience. By logging into Capcut online, you gain access to a wide range of templates that can be easily customized. The AI-based magic tool helps in creating short-form videos by analyzing your long-form video and selecting the most attractive parts. Capcut also provides batch editing and video upscaling features.


    • Capcut PC
    • Viral hook
    • Text effects
    • Grid overlay
    • Snow effect
    • Natt Jongsala style
    • Online version
    • Templates
    • AI-based tools
    • Batch editing
    • Video upscaling


    1. Where can I find the resources used in this tutorial?

      • The resources can be found in the WhatsApp Channel or on Discord. The links are provided in the video description.
    2. Can I customize the templates in Capcut's online version?

      • Yes, you can easily customize the templates according to your preferences by adding your favorite photos and videos.
    3. How does Capcut's AI-based magic tool work?

      • Capcut's magic tool analyzes your long-form video and automatically creates a short-form video clip by selecting the most attractive parts.
    4. What is video upscaling, and how can I use it in Capcut?

      • Video upscaling is a feature that allows you to double the quality of your videos. You can upscale your videos using Capcut's online version.
    5. Can Capcut be used for 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and motion graphics?

      • Capcut primarily focuses on video editing, but if you're interested in learning about 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and motion graphics, you can comment below for more guidance.

    In conclusion, with Capcut PC and its online version, you can edit short videos like a professional editor. By following the tutorial and exploring the features available, you can create visually stunning videos with viral hooks. Join the WhatsApp Channel and Discord for resources and updates, and unleash your creativity with Capcut.

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