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    Editing video on a Chromebook

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    Editing video on a Chromebook

    Some time ago, a video was made about editing RAW images on a Chromebook. Now, a new video is being made to explore if video editing is possible on a Chromebook. After trying out various video editing apps from the Google Play Store, PowerDirector by CyberLink stood out as the best choice. The script shares a detailed walkthrough of editing a video on a Chromebook using PowerDirector, highlighting its capabilities and limitations.

    To begin with, the process of editing a video on a Chromebook using PowerDirector is described. Various features of the editing tool are explored, such as creating projects in different aspect ratios, importing media, adding effects, adjusting volume, color correction, adding titles and overlays, incorporating music, and exporting the final video.

    The script also touches upon the advantages and disadvantages of using PowerDirector on a Chromebook for video editing. While the process is surprisingly smooth and efficient, certain limitations such as the lack of keyboard shortcuts, limited zoom functionality, and issues with accessing and managing produced videos are highlighted.

    Overall, the script showcases how PowerDirector on a Chromebook enables video editing, providing users with a viable option for creating and editing videos on the go.


    • Chromebook
    • Video editing
    • PowerDirector
    • Google Play Store
    • Media import
    • Effects
    • Music addition
    • Exporting videos
    • Limitations


    • Is it possible to edit videos on a Chromebook using PowerDirector?
    • What are some of the features of PowerDirector for video editing on Chromebook?
    • What are the limitations of using PowerDirector on a Chromebook for video editing?

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