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    Effortlessly Create Short-Form Videos with Canva's NEW AI Tool!

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    Effortlessly Create Short-Form Videos with Canva's NEW AI Tool!

    If you have a social media presence for your personal or business brand online but find short-form video creation daunting or time-consuming, Canva's newest AI video tool may be the solution you need. In this article, we'll explore how this tool can be a game-changer in creating engaging short-form social videos.

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    Video content on social media is incredibly powerful, being shared 1,200 times more than picture or text content alone. Canva's AI video tool aims to simplify the process of creating video content, making it more accessible for everyone.

    From your Canva dashboard, you can create a video and choose Instagram Reels as the format. The AI tool instantly generates a video based on the media you upload and the description you provide.


    • Canva
    • AI video tool
    • Social media
    • Short-form video
    • Branding
    • Content creation


    • Q: Is Canva's AI video tool available for all Canva users?
      • A: As of now, it seems to be available only for Canva Pro accounts, but it may roll out to a wider audience in the future.
    • Q: What can you customize in the AI-generated videos?
      • A: You can edit text, swap out images or videos, apply brand colors and fonts, and adjust timings and transitions to tailor the video to your brand.
    • Q: Can the video tool be used on mobile devices?
      • A: Yes, the tool works on mobile, allowing users to create videos using photos or clips captured on their phones seamlessly.

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