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    Egard Watches' anti-woke ad goes viral

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    Egard Watches' anti-woke ad goes viral

    In a sea of corporate virtue signaling and left-wing marketing tactics, Egard Watches stands out with its bold and unapologetic messaging in their recent ad campaign. The ad, which focuses on pushing back against the far left's race-obsessed and biology-denying ideologies, quickly went viral online, sparking both positive and negative responses. Elon Solovich, the filmmaker behind the ad, believes that such campaigns are important in a corporate world dominated by left-leaning politics and marketing strategies driven by ESG scores and investment firms.

    "I trained hard, harder than anyone else I know, but I was made for this. I was an unstoppable force, a life dedicated to perfection," the ad begins, setting the tone for a powerful message that challenges the status quo. The focus on the erasure of women, specifically in the context of biological males intruding into women's spaces and sports, reflects Egard Watches' commitment to speaking out against what they see as a fundamental attack on truth in society.


    Egard Watches, anti-woke ad, viral, race-obsessed, biology-denying, left-leaning, ESG scores, investment firms, erasure of women, truth in society.


    1. What is the response to Egard Watches' anti-woke ad campaign?
    2. Why does Elon Solovich believe it is important to push back against left-leaning marketing tactics?
    3. What is the focus of the ad regarding the erasure of women, and why is it significant in the current societal context?
    4. How does the ad address issues of truth and moral relativism in society?

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