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    Episode three. How are use InShot to make real estate videos.

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    Episode three: How I Use InShot to Make Real Estate Videos

    In this episode, we will explore how to use InShot to create engaging real estate videos. We will cover two key points brought up by a friend, Fred Reynolds, which include snipping film and adding transitions. Additionally, we will learn how to create a captivating circle effect using filters. Let's dive into the world of real estate video editing with InShot.

    If you're familiar with the Phoenix market, you might recognize the Camelback Esplanade located at 24th Street and Camelback Road. Let's start by understanding how to clip out specific sections of a video. To do this, simply click on the split button to mark the beginning of the split. Adjust the split as needed and repeat the process to create multiple segments. To remove a section, click on the trash can icon. Don't worry, you can always bring back deleted portions with the undo button.

    Transitioning between scenes can enhance the flow of your video. In InShot, you can access various transitions by clicking on the white box at the bottom of the screen. Choose a transition style and adjust its duration to suit your video's pacing. Once set, your transition will seamlessly connect different clips.

    To add a unique touch to your real estate videos, try incorporating the circle effect. Navigate to the filters section and tap on the star icon. Scroll to the right on the basic filter screen to find the twisty effect, which creates a captivating circular motion. Experiment with filters and effects to elevate your real estate video content.

    Thank you for joining this session on using InShot for real estate video editing. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in our upcoming episodes.


    • Real estate videos
    • InShot editing
    • Clip splitting
    • Transitions
    • Circle effect
    • Filter customization


    1. Can I reverse the process if I accidentally delete a video segment?

      • Yes, you can easily restore deleted portions by using the undo button in InShot.
    2. Are there customizable options for transitions in InShot?

      • InShot offers a variety of transition styles that can be adjusted for duration to fit the pacing of your video.
    3. How can I experiment with effects like the circle motion in InShot?

      • To create the circle effect, explore the filters section in InShot and select the twisty effect for a captivating visual addition to your real estate videos.

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