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    Finding a Video Editor for Chromebooks

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    Finding a Video Editor for Chromebooks

    Little by little, the author discovered ways to accomplish Windows desktop workflows on a Chromebook, with the most recent achievement being video editing. Thanks to Chrome OS's Linux support, various video editors available for Linux can be used on a Chromebook. The author tested five different video editors - Resolve, Pitivi, Kaden Live, OpenShot, and Shotcut - that could export video projects to DaVinci Resolve. After facing functionality issues with some editors, the author ultimately chose Kaden Live for its performance and compatibility with DaVinci Resolve. Despite encountering some exporting challenges, the author is satisfied with using Kaden Live on their Chromebook.



    Chromebook, Video Editing, Kaden Live, DaVinci Resolve, Linux support, Performance


    1. What video editors did the author test on their Chromebook? The author tested Resolve, Pitivi, Kaden Live, OpenShot, and Shotcut on their Chromebook.

    2. What was the deciding factor for the author in choosing Kaden Live as the video editor for their Chromebook? The author chose Kaden Live due to its better overall performance, workflow, and compatibility with DaVinci Resolve.

    3. What challenges did the author face during the video editing process on their Chromebook? The author encountered issues with certain editors not working, exporting problems, and the need for manual modifications to ensure compatibility with their preferred video editing software.

    4. How did the author improve the performance of video editing on their Chromebook? The author upgraded to a Chromebook with better specifications, including an 8th generation i3 processor and 8 gigabytes of RAM, which improved the video editing experience.

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