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    First sale on Amazon Affiliate Marketing || 3- Method for Amazon Affiliate #shorts

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    First sale on Amazon Affiliate Marketing || 3- Method for Amazon Affiliate #shorts

    In this video, you will learn about how to decide on an account for Amazon affiliate marketing. The process involves logging into the Amazon app, navigating to the designated section, and understanding how to effectively use the products for cleaning purposes. The video also showcases various products available on Amazon, highlighting the new releases and special offers that can increase the chances of making successful affiliate sales.


    Amazon affiliate marketing, Amazon app, products, cleaning, new releases, special offers, decision making, affiliate sales


    1. What is the first step in starting Amazon affiliate marketing?
    2. How can products be effectively used for cleaning purposes in affiliate marketing?
    3. How can new releases and special offers boost affiliate sales on Amazon?
    4. What role does decision making play in affiliate marketing on the Amazon app?

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