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    Fix Low Views on TikTok in 2023 (Small Account Hacks)

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    Fix Low Views on TikTok in 2023 (Small Account Hacks)

    My Views have been so low recently and I don't know why now it's probably because the best time to be posting on Tick Tock has recently changed Rob it's not the time I'm posting I've been posting at the same consistent time when my target audience is online for the past six months well that's because the tick tock algorithm has recently changed for December of 2022. you've said the same thing last month and you just repeated what you've been saying for the past few months in this video we're going to cover how The Tick Tock algorithm actually works what kind of changes are taking place and how creators can adapt to them and other factors that are actually affecting your view count right now and what you can do to fix low views in 2023 before I get into anything my name is Kian I help both businesses and individuals grow on Tick Tock I've been on Tick Tock for over three years and over the past six months I've built this account to over 90 000 followers just teaching people how to grow on Tick Tock the first thing we're going to talk about is how the tick tock algorithm actually works when you post a video on Tick Tock the first thing that's gonna happen is that video will be sent out to anywhere from 50 to 500 people now depending on how that video performs which is going to be based on watch time and engagement but mostly watch time and completion rate that video can then be sent out to another group of people which is going to be somewhere between one thousand five thousand ten thousand views nobody knows the exact number and then from there that cycle is going to repeat itself but again you need to focus on watch time and completion rate those are going to be the two biggest factors now when it comes to algorithm changes in my experience it's not as frequent as Robert Benjamin says and it's not as crazy usually when the algorithm changes it seems to be a slight change in the retention required for a video to perform well so the completion rate instead of it being a 35 on a 30 second video for that video to go viral it changes to a 36 or 37 percent it's just a very small tweak in retention required now this kind of leads me into another reason why your video views are probably lower right now although it's not the primary reason but it's going to be an increase in competition on the platform so more people are flooding onto Tick Tock because they hear it's a really good opportunity and they're building an audience and they're pulling views from you now another thing that's causing lower views right now is that during the holiday times more and more ads are being put onto the platform because advertisers are trying to make as much money as they possibly can during the holiday season when everybody's spending money so what you might notice is that for every few videos you see on your for you page there's going to be an advertisement I know on my page it's been like one every four or five videos so if you add that up over time say that it's even one every 10 videos that's going to be 10 videos out of 100 that are ads instead of the videos that would normally be from average creators so that's already a massive chunk of space that advertisers are taking up that would usually be for organic content so when it comes to increasing the quality of your videos so you can compete with competition and advertisers there's a few things that I want you to focus on editing is one thing that you can increase so you can start using captions on your videos using something like cap cut using Premiere Pro and then you can start adding background music and effects and that's one thing I've tried in my videos which is done really well another thing that you can focus on is video topics so make sure that the topic you're talking about really resonates with the specific audience that you want to Target another thing I want you to focus on is storytelling in 2023 I'm predicting that storytelling is going to be one of the best ways to sell products on Tick Tock but also grow an audience as fast as possible now something that's been really ignored by a lot of the gurus in The Tick Tock growth space is the importance of comfortability on camera so what's driving a lot of creators to grow as fast as possible right now is how passionate they are about what they talk about but when you're not comfortable on camera it's very difficult to show your passion and authenticity side so one thing I want you to do and I want all creators to do this in 2023 is to just pick up your phone and practice recording a video as if you were excited or passionate about something try and think about the way that you speak when you go and talk to your significant other your family your friends about something you're excited about and then take notes of that then again transfer this into your content literally just pick up your phone and start recording videos acting as if you're really excited and kind of see how those videos do confidence authenticity and passion are super important when it comes to growing on Tick Tock so that is honestly one of the best things that you can focus on going forward in 2023 along with storytelling the last thing want to talk about is native content so one of the reasons why a lot of people come onto Tick Tock and they don't do well is because they're creating videos that look almost like advertisements they don't really have the same effect the same authenticity as Tick Tock native content so if you're new to tick tock one thing I'd recommend is you go and scroll through Tick Tock and kind of look what the content looks like on the platform videos from Tick Tock to YouTube shorts to Instagram they're all very very different and what you're going to find is that if you structure your videos like people do on Tick Tock you're going to have a lot more success than if you structure them like they would be on YouTube or Instagram reels or Facebook reels now go check out this video if you want to learn the best time to post for your specific account


    TikTok algorithm, watch time, engagement, competition, ads, editing, video topics, storytelling, comfortability on camera, native content


    1. What are the key factors that influence video performance on TikTok?
    2. How can creators adapt to the changes in the TikTok algorithm?
    3. What role does storytelling play in growing on TikTok?
    4. Why is comfortability on camera important for TikTok creators?
    5. Why is native content crucial for success on TikTok?

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