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    Fix Skin Tones with One Button in Photoshop!

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    Fix Skin Tones with One Button in Photoshop!

    Hi there! In this tutorial, you will learn how to effortlessly adjust skin tones using just one button in Photoshop. By following these steps, you can achieve beautiful and natural-looking skin tones with ease. Let's get started!

    To begin, you'll need a skin color palette. You can download one from the link provided in the description or create your own. Once you have the color palette, simply drag and drop it onto your image. The numbers on each color represent the RGB values.

    Next, create a Curves adjustment layer. Double click on the middle eyedropper tool and sample the color from the palette that best matches the midtones of the subject's skin. Adjust the saturation if needed by decreasing it to achieve a more natural look.

    After making the adjustments, you can compare the before and after to see the difference. This simple technique can help you enhance skin tones in your photos with just one click.

    Remember, the skin color palette is a starting point, and there is no one perfect skin tone. Feel free to experiment with different colors and adjustments to find the right balance for your images.

    Give this method a try and see how it can elevate the skin tones in your photos effortlessly!


    • Skin tones
    • Photoshop
    • Color palette
    • Curves adjustment
    • RGB values
    • Saturation


    • Can I use any skin color palette for this technique? Yes, you can use any skin color palette, whether downloaded from the web or created by yourself. The key is to match the colors from the palette to the skin tones in your image.

    • Is it necessary to adjust the saturation after sampling the color from the palette? Adjusting the saturation might be necessary to achieve a more natural look, especially if the sampled color appears too saturated on the skin tones. Feel free to tweak the saturation to get the desired result.

    • How can I ensure that the skin tones look natural after applying this technique? While the one-button technique can help improve skin tones quickly, it's essential to remember that the skin color palette is a starting point. Experiment with different colors and adjustments to fine-tune the skin tones and ensure they look natural in the final image.

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