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    Fixing Video Game Art With AI

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    Fixing Video Game Art With AI

    AI technology has made tremendous advancements and has found its way into various industries, including video game art. In a fascinating experiment, the YouTuber "Call Me Kevin" decided to use AI to enhance and recreate some iconic video game cover art. He asked people on Twitter and Patreon to share their favorite and most recognizable video game covers, without revealing his intention to use AI. The results were both amusing and impressive.

    Kevin used an AI tool to generate multiple versions of the cover art and then chose the best ones to work on. He had limited time to edit and enhance the images using AI tools, acknowledging that AI is not always perfect. The AI often struggled with logos and spelling, but it did manage to create some interesting and unique interpretations of the original art.

    One of the covers Kevin focused on was Super Mario Galaxy 2. He specified that Yoshi should be prominently featured and that the colors should be accurate. While the AI had some difficulty with Yoshi's appearance, it managed to create a decent interpretation of the cover art, even adding its own creative touches.

    Kevin also experimented with other games like Overwatch, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Each game presented its own challenges for the AI, but it still produced some interesting and occasionally bizarre results. From Sonic with multiple legs to Spyro resembling a Firefox logo, the AI's interpretations were often quirky and unexpected.

    In the end, Kevin chose his favorite versions of the AI-generated cover art and made some final edits to enhance them further. He compared the AI versions to the original cover art and concluded that while AI has its flaws, it is capable of producing impressive results under the right guidance and editing.

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    1. How did Kevin use AI to enhance video game cover art? Kevin used an AI tool to generate multiple versions of iconic video game cover art based on requests from his Twitter and Patreon followers. He then selected the best versions and edited them further using AI tools.

    2. Did the AI-generated art surpass the original cover art? While the AI-generated art showed promise and creativity, it did not necessarily surpass the original cover art. However, it did offer unique and interesting interpretations that sparked curiosity and amusement.

    3. What challenges did the AI face in recreating the cover art? The AI struggled with accurately representing logos, spelling, and certain character features. It often required guidance and editing from Kevin to make the interpretations better match the original art.

    4. Can AI completely replace human artists in video game art creation? AI technology is continually advancing, but it still has limitations. While AI can assist in certain aspects of art creation, human artists bring unique creativity, emotions, and perspectives that are difficult for AI to replicate fully. Therefore, it is unlikely that AI will completely replace human artists in the near future.

    5. What were the overall findings of Kevin's experiment? Kevin's experiment demonstrated the potential of AI in enhancing and recreating video game cover art. While the results were not always perfect, they showcased the creative possibilities AI can offer under the guidance and editing of a human artist.

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