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    Free Intro Maker App For Android | Legend Intro Maker Returns!

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    Free Intro Maker App For Android | Legend Intro Maker Returns!

    I have the best free intro maker app for Android and today I'm going to show you how to use it. If you're watching this on an iPhone or an iPad, head down to the description for a link to another intro maker app for you. If you're new to the channel, drop a hashtag new in the comments. The app I'm talking about today is called Legend, now back in the Play Store. Let's dive into how to use it.

    When you open the Legend app, you'll see text displayed in the center, which you can edit by tapping on it. Customize it as you like, then tap the check mark. You'll find options like adding a background image or file. Tap the play button to access animation and color choices. Adjust the orientation and resolution in the settings. You can then save your creation as a gif, video, or mp4 file.

    As the Legend app is free, expect some pop-up ads while using it. Once you save your intro, you can add it to your videos by importing it into your video editing app. If you want more tips on intro makers or video editing apps, subscribe to the channel for future videos.

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    1. Is the Legend intro maker app available only for Android?
      The Legend intro maker app is specifically designed for Android users.

    2. Can I personalize the text and colors in the intro?
      Yes, you can edit the text, choose from various animation styles, and select different colors for your intro.

    3. Are there any fees associated with using the Legend intro maker app?
      The Legend intro maker app is free to use, but it may display occasional pop-up ads.

    4. How can I add the intro to my videos?
      Once you create your intro in the app, you can save it as a video file and import it into your preferred video editing app for inclusion in your projects.

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