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    Free Video Editor: Auto Beat and Auto Cutout Using AI

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    Free Video Editor: Auto Beat and Auto Cutout Using AI

    Hey everyone and welcome back to another video editing tutorial! In this article, we will explore two awesome features in the video editing software, CapCut, called Auto Beat and Auto Cutout. These features utilize AI to enhance the editing process and save time for content creators. Let's dive in!

    Since the last tutorial where movie trailers were added using CapCut, two new features have been discovered: Auto Beat and Auto Cutout. Auto Beat automatically finds beats in music tracks, simplifying the process of syncing clips to the rhythm. On the other hand, Auto Cutout uses AI to remove backgrounds from portrait videos with just one click.

    To activate Auto Beat, simply select the music track, choose the Auto Beat option, and select the beats you want to sync with. The AI will detect the beats, represented by yellow dots, allowing for easy clipping and syncing of video clips. This feature is especially useful for music videos or fast-paced edits.

    Auto Cutout, on the other hand, streamlines the process of removing backgrounds from portrait videos. By selecting the Auto Cutout option, the AI quickly separates the foreground from the background, saving time and effort in manual editing. Users can then replace the background with more suitable elements, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the video.

    With these innovative features, CapCut makes video editing more efficient and creative, offering a seamless editing experience for both beginners and professionals. Download CapCut for free and unleash your creativity in your video projects!


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    1. How does Auto Beat work in CapCut? Auto Beat in CapCut automatically detects beats in music tracks, allowing users to sync video clips with the rhythm effortlessly.

    2. Can Auto Cutout in CapCut be used for all types of videos? Auto Cutout in CapCut is designed for portrait videos, recognizing the foreground and background elements to facilitate background removal.

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