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    Free ai voice generator | free ai voice text to speech | elevenlabs alternative free

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    Free AI Voice Generator | Free AI Voice Text to Speech | Elevenlabs Alternative Free

    In this article, we will explore how to use a new AI tool to generate free AI voice for videos, replacing the previous method that encountered errors. The tool allows for generating AI voices in multiple languages, editing videos, adding captions, and generating AI videos. We will focus specifically on generating AI voices in different languages using this tool.

    To begin, users will need to create an account and select their desired language and voice type (male or female) for the AI voice generation. Advanced settings such as changing pitch and pace are available to tailor the voice output. The tool enables previewing the generated script before finalizing it. Users can create up to 10 minutes of voice at a time, suitable for longer video projects by generating voice in multiple segments.

    Upon completion, the AI voice can be downloaded in video format and converted to audio using online tools. Users can then utilize the generated voiceovers in their videos. Additionally, the tool offers the capability to create AI avatars with voice, providing a comprehensive solution for content creation.


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    1. How can I generate AI voice for free using the new tool mentioned in the article?
    2. What are the options available for language selection and voice type in the AI voice generation tool?
    3. Is there a limit to the duration of voice that can be generated at a time using the tool?
    4. Can the generated video files be converted to audio for use in content creation?
    5. Does the tool offer additional features besides AI voice generation, such as AI avatar creation?

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