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    Full Pictory AI Tutorial for Beginners (Script to Video)

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    Full Pictory AI Tutorial for Beginners (Script to Video)

    In this comprehensive tutorial, we will walk you through the process of creating videos generated by AI using Pick 3 AI. Whether you intend to use these videos for YouTube or other social media platforms, we will show you how to easily turn a script into a full video with just a few simple steps. You can find timestamps in the video description below and get started with Pick 3 AI using the free trial link provided.

    Getting Started with Pick 3 AI

    After creating your brand new account, you will see the various features offered by Pick 3 AI. These include "Script to Video," "Article to Video," "Edit Videos using Text," and "Visuals to Video." We will begin by exploring the "Script to Video" feature, as it is the most intriguing and the one that most people are interested in.

    To start, simply click "Proceed" on the script editor screen. It is important to follow the instructions correctly during this step. Ensure that the script is divided into sentences for better video generation. This means adding spacing between each sentence. Furthermore, it is advisable to break longer sentences into shorter ones, as this will lead to more accurate results.

    After pasting your script into the editor, you can choose a template and aspect ratio. Pick 3 AI provides a wide range of templates and aspect ratios suitable for different purposes and platforms. Choose the ones that best suit your needs.

    Customizing Your Video with Visuals

    Once you proceed, Pick 3 AI will automatically create a storyboard based on your script. You will see that the software has selected specific videos to match each sentence of your script. However, these videos may not always be accurate or align with your vision for the video.

    To customize the visuals, click on the "Visuals" tab. Here, you can search for specific scenes or themes that better fit your script. Pick 3 AI is integrated with Storyblocks, which allows you to access a vast library of videos. You can also upload your own images or videos to use as backgrounds.

    It is essential to select visuals that are relevant and engaging for each scene. Avoid using random stock footage if it does not align with the overall tone and topic of your video. By carefully choosing the right visuals, you can enhance the overall quality and impact of your video.

    Enhancing Your Video with Voiceover and Background Music

    To add voiceover to your video, Pick 3 AI provides a variety of AI-generated voices. However, if you prefer more natural-sounding voiceovers, you can use external tools like Murph AI. Murph AI offers different AI voices with customizable options, such as speed, pitch, pronunciation, and emphasis.

    You can import the script from your video into Murph AI and generate a high-quality voiceover that suits your preferences. Once you have the voiceover file, you can upload it to Pick 3 AI and sync it with the captions from your script.

    Additionally, you have the option to include background music in your video. Adjust the volume of the background music according to your preference in the audio settings. Pick 3 AI provides built-in background music, but you can also upload your own if desired. Make sure the background music enhances the overall impact of your video without overpowering the voiceover.

    Downloading Your Video and Finalizing Details

    After customizing your video, it is time to download the final version. Ensure that you select the desired format, such as 1080p for YouTube videos. Pick 3 AI will render your video, and once the process is complete, you can download it.


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    Q: What is Pick 3 AI? A: Pick 3 AI is a platform that enables users to generate videos using AI technology. It offers features such as script-to-video conversion, article-to-video conversion, and more.

    Q: Can I customize the visuals and background music in my videos? A: Yes, Pick 3 AI allows you to customize the visuals by selecting scenes and themes that align with your script. You can also adjust the background music volume and upload your own if desired.

    Q: Can I use a voiceover generated by another tool with Pick 3 AI? A: Absolutely! While Pick 3 AI provides AI-generated voices, you can use external tools like Murph AI to generate more natural-sounding voiceovers and then upload them to Pick 3 AI.

    Q: What formats can I download my video in? A: Pick 3 AI offers various format options, such as 1080p for YouTube videos, to ensure compatibility with different platforms and purposes.

    Q: Is there a free trial available for Pick 3 AI? A: Yes, Pick 3 AI offers a free trial for users to get started and explore its features. You can find the free trial link in the video description.

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