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    Game development is HARD

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    Game Development is HARD

    Game development is a challenging and complex endeavor that requires a multitude of skills and a significant amount of effort. From learning various aspects of game creation to competing in a saturated market, game development can be one of the hardest undertakings in the creative industry.

    In a previous video, I discussed the ease of access to game development tools and the increasing opportunities for aspiring game developers. However, in this article, we will explore the other side of the coin and delve into the difficulties and complexities of game development.

    The Gap between Idea and Execution

    One of the primary challenges in game development is bridging the gap between ideas and execution. As aspiring developers, we often come up with exciting and innovative game concepts. However, the actual process of bringing these ideas to life entails far more work and considerations than we initially anticipate.

    When envisioning a game idea, it is easy to overlook the intricate details, pitfalls, and challenges that must be addressed to make it a viable and enjoyable experience for players. A cool game mechanic, for example, may sound enticing in theory, but the implementation requires thought and consideration of elements such as art, sound, mechanics, distribution, and player engagement.

    Many games with potentially groundbreaking ideas fail to succeed because they were not properly exploited, marketed, or presented to players. Determining the feasibility and viability of an idea comes with experience and often involves multiple failures and iterations.

    The Preference for Building on Established Foundations

    Major AAA game studios are often criticized for a perceived lack of innovation. However, this preference for building upon established ideas and foundations can be attributed to the risks and challenges of introducing entirely new concepts.

    Developing new ideas and pushing boundaries can be a risky endeavor, especially when it comes to public reception and commercial success. This risk aversion often leads to the iteration and improvement of existing concepts, focusing on making them more realistic, visually appealing, or engaging rather than developing entirely new ideas.

    The Hidden Complexity of Game Development

    While modern game development tools have simplified certain aspects of the process, there remains a hidden complexity behind the scenes. As developers progress and tackle more complex ideas, they encounter the quirks, limitations, and challenges presented by their chosen game engines.

    Moreover, game development involves much more than programming characters and designing levels. It encompasses multiple disciplines, from artwork and sound design to storytelling, music, and gameplay mechanics. Each of these components requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and expertise in their own right.

    The progression of game development is not linear. As developers aspire to create bigger and more ambitious projects, they require additional resources to achieve their goals. To illustrate the scale of large game development projects, consider the estimated costs of some of the industry's most high-profile games.

    For instance, "GTA 5" has been estimated to have cost around $ 137 million in development expenses alone, not including marketing and promotions. "Cyberpunk 2077," developed over nine years, is believed to have cost between $ 120 million and $ 314 million. And "Red Dead Redemption 2," with eight years of development, reportedly cost around $ 500 million. These costs are astronomical, but large studios can often recoup them through sales and other revenue streams.

    Wearing Many Hats

    Game development is a multifaceted endeavor that requires individuals or small teams to wear multiple hats. As an indie developer or a small studio, there is a need to fill various roles, whether it be programming, art, sound design, marketing, or finance. This need to diversify skills creates additional challenges and complexities.

    Indie developers often find themselves in the role of entrepreneur, managing finances, tracking expenses, planning releases, considering different platforms, and handling communication and marketing efforts. This wide-ranging set of responsibilities can be overwhelming and demanding, particularly for solo developers.

    The financial aspect of game development is also a significant concern. While larger studios may have the resources to hire specialized talent, indie developers often face budget constraints and must learn to fill in the gaps themselves or find external support.

    Competition and Getting Noticed

    Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of game development is the challenge of standing out in an overcrowded market. With thousands of games being released every year, it can be incredibly challenging for indie developers to get their games noticed.

    In 2020 alone, there were approximately 28 games released on Steam per day. The numbers are even greater in the mobile game market, which offers easier distribution channels. With so many games vying for players' attention, it becomes crucial to find ways to make your game stand out, whether through innovative gameplay, targeting influencers and streamers, or investing in advertising.

    Furthermore, the limited time of players becomes a valuable commodity that developers must compete for. Gamers already have extensive backlogs of games and are often hesitant to invest their time in unfamiliar or unknown titles. This risk aversion and preference for comfort make it difficult to attract players to smaller, indie games, even if they offer unique and innovative experiences.


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    Q1: Is game development a challenging field? A1: Yes, game development is a highly challenging field that requires a wide range of skills and expertise.

    Q2: What are some of the complexities involved in game development? A2: Game development involves technical complexities, such as optimizing games for different platforms and hardware, as well as creative complexities, including artwork, sound design, storytelling, and gameplay mechanics.

    Q3: How can indie developers compete with large studios? A3: Indie developers can compete by focusing on unique and innovative gameplay experiences, targeting influencers and streamers, and investing in effective marketing strategies.

    Q4: How does the saturated game market affect indie developers? A4: The saturation of the game market makes it challenging for indie developers to get their games noticed, as players already have extensive backlogs of games and are often hesitant to try unknown titles.

    Q5: What role does time play in game development? A5: Time constraints are significant in game development, as developers must compete for players' limited time and attention.

    Q6: Why do major studios often focus on established ideas rather than innovation? A6: Major studios often prioritize established ideas to mitigate risks and ensure commercial success, as developing entirely new concepts can be risky and uncertain.

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